Abe's EQ Journey


Got accepted to join the EQ journey two nights ago. I used it for about 7 hours that night, but was unable to use it last night so tonight I’ll start my official use of EQ properly.

Just noting after the first night of using it I was really tired the next day and my libido was way up.

Will report more as I start to use it every night.


Day 1: 2 loops of masked at night then 4 loops of ultrasonic overnight

Shortly after turning on the sub, and immediately after waking up I had this pressure in my chest that felt like a combination of fear and anxiety. That went away about an hour after getting up and showering.

Had to go out and get an oil change and inspection for my car, and was a lot more patient than I normally would be since it took 2 hours and it cost more than I had expected. I just rolled with it and moved on with my day.

Also had a major urge to workout again today after taking yesterday off. One thing I really need to work on is my diet and I’m hoping this sub will help push me in the right direction or get me to want to change it and start eating healthier.


Been a few days since my first update. Only a few real things to note since it’s tough to get out that much. I will say that my sleep has been better than it has in the last few years since I started this sub. I don’t wake up during the night and all of my sleep feels like deep sleep when I wake up.

The fear and anxiety feeling that I mentioned in my first update have now gone away. My only main worry is money related during this time. While I’m still getting paid from work, I’m at home for who knows how long and I’m starting to become unsure of how long we’ll continue to get paid.

The other two things to note are even though my diet hasn’t improved yet, I’m still working out at home and am now down about 3 pounds since starting. My interest in porn is pretty much nonexistent, thankfully. Had major problems with that for years and would love to get rid of that problem as well.

Will report more if I notice anything soon.


Day 7 of usage: Energy levels have been hit or miss, some days I’m exhausted in the afternoon others I feel great. During the day I feel really level headed but also really bored with what’s going on.

I’m starting to remember more dreams as I’m using the program more. I’m getting about 6 loops of ultrasonic overnight and I try to get 1-2 loops of masked before bed if I can.

Still no change in productivity as I’m home and can’t go to work. I could be doing stuff at home like cleaning, but with being at home all day I don’t really feel like doing it. Interest in porn is still at an all time low, and even if I open it up I look at it for a second, get disgusted and just close the browser.

Not too much of a noticeable change since I’m not out and about a lot, but when I am out I’m calm and more confident and speak more clearly than I did before starting. I’m liking where that’s headed with the confidence and calmness within.


Day 9: Increased confidence when I am able to make it out, and eye contact is getting stronger by the day. I’m more direct and don’t linger around as much, I go do what I need to do and leave. Also, not really feeling like I need to eat as much as before, and it feels like my digestions has improved from where it was a month or two ago. There are times I don’t feel the need to eat a lot, if anything, at dinner cause that’s where I’ll overeat at times.

One dream/nightmare(?) I had last night was something had happened to family during this virus outbreak, which really hit me hard and made me become angry at the world and borderline insane. I’m not that way at all IRL, and I’m more of the quiet, calm type so this is out of the ordinary. I don’t know if that means something is being worked on, but was interesting to note either way.

That’s all for now.


Day 11: Not much else to report in the last 2 days. One thing that I am noticing, however, is my increased focus on wanting to finally get out of debt sans student loans. Made a lot of stupid financial mistakes when I was younger that are still haunting me, and I’m getting closer and closer to getting out of quite a bit of that. That is one thing that I am heavily focused on and wanting to finally accomplish.

Have been eating a lot less and not really feeling the need to eat nearly as much as I used to. If i eat the way I used to, I get disgusted and just feel terrible.

Since Stark Q just got announced and released, I may run Emperor Q for tonight and tomorrow then switch over. That’ll give me about 2 full weeks of Emp.Q, which has been a great sub for me. Looking forward to more progress in the future.


Day 15 (?): Still going through Emperor Q. Been getting really tired during the day the last few days, and starting to eat a lot more, maybe it’s boredom from being at home all day. Next week I’m going to attempt to get some work done from home to counteract that and see where it goes. Even though I’m tired, I’m thinking about upping the amount of time I run the sub to closer to 10-12 hours at night/overnight.

Libido has also been up and down the last few days. Starts off really high during the day then just plummets as the day goes by. Still working out about an average of 5 days/week at this point. No change in weight though but that would be expected with increased eating. Another thing I’m noticing is I"m just getting aggravated and irritated hearing or seeing people talk about all that’s going on.


Ended up taking two days off due to exhaustion and overwhelming anxiety that was building up. Made up my mind to commit to doing Solo EQ for the foreseeable future as it fits what I want and who I am a lot more than Stark would. I’m more of an introverted person and tend to do things my way in a quiet manner, so this will be more beneficial for me. Also made up my mind to set it to 5-6 loops overnight at the most, as that’s what has made me see the most out of the program to this point. So far today there hasn’t been that much anxiety that I can tell, and my energy levels are up a lot higher than the last two days.

Still looking forward to see the long term growth EQ will provide.


Switched to the new EQ that was released along with all other titles that were updated to Q. Added in Iron Throne Q and Sex Mastery Q as well. So currently I’m doing EQ x 3, IT x 2 and SM x 2.

Was the fat burner module in Emperor ramped up quite a bit? Since the new EQ came out, my appetite has grown but my desire to eat has decreased slightly. I can tell in just a couple of days that fat burning has increased a little bit. Unfortunately, my sleep hasn’t been the best the last couple of nights, but that could be for a lot of reasons. So far after only two nights I’m liking how I feel on this stack.


This will be very brief, but one thing I can say about this stack so far is that with the new Q updates, I can feel that my mind and my thinking are more “concrete” so to speak. Idk a better way or word/phrase to use for it, but my thinking is more solidified than before.


Just like with the experimental version of EQ, I’m starting to get big bouts of anxiety and becoming very nervous when talking to people over the phone or in person. I hate this feeling and wish my anxiety would just go away already. Also very exhausted from running this stack since the new Q was released. Maybe I just need a break for a day or two and both of these will go away.

Good thing is I’m 10 days into no PMO, and have had absolutely zero desire to do either. Starting to feel better and more in control of that now.

But for now I’ll take at least one, possibly two days off to see how I feel and hope my energy levels return to normal.


Took a couple weeks off cause I gave in to reconciliation from what I think is overuse of the stack that I was using.

Came back six days ago and started using Stark QT, PCC that I ended up buying and SMX2Q. I’m only using each one for one loop so far at 3 days on and 1 day off. I’m feeling great with this stack. After the 3rd day of use I do feel rather exhausted, so I may push it down to 2 days on and 1 day off cause I usually feel great the first and second days of running the stack.

With this stack, I’m having no feelings of anxiety and my thinking has been very level headed. One thing of note is I think Stark is bringing up some emotions that I haven’t felt in years while I was using a different company’s subs, which kinda made me feel emotionally numb for a long time. Saw family for three weeks since I’m out of work temporarily, and when I left I couldn’t hold back emotion of leaving and it just really hit me how much I hate saying goodbye to them. Although though, it’s nice to finally feel some emotion again.

I’d change my title but I’m honestly not sure how to do it lol. Might just start a new thread if I can’t change it.