ABC333 Khan Black

I jumped off everything in favor of Khan Black. It’s a title that was not on my radar at all. I’d never been interested in it whatsoever.

I purchased Heartsong planning to do a few cycles with it. However somebody suggested Khan Black to me. I finally took a look at the thread and took the dive.

Today was my first listen of KB 1, at 30 seconds. I plan to increase 30 seconds each listen and will definitely be using stage 1 solo for this cycle.

I was deadset on Primal and then decided on Heartsong because I definitely could use the healing and clarity. But KB showed up my radar and just seems like this could be just what I need to start a new phase in my life.

I’m not looking at it as something to get me laid. I’m looking at it as something that will be amazing in it’s energy/sex transmutation. I think that it has the potential to affect every area of my life. I’m looking forward to having more energy as well. I seem to be in hibernation season and this’ll be good.

I also have some prep work with my LBFH/DRLD custom. It had me at times getting physical/somatic releases from the body. So I think that will go a long way in helping make KB as smooth as possible. I still expect some turbulence and am taking the conservative approach by starting at 30 seconds.

Nothing to report yet. I feel positive and optimistic about what lay ahead.


Khan Black + Heartsong will change your life in question of few cycles for forever in possibly the biggest ways out of all subs. Please give each stage of Khan Black at least few cycles to really get those gems out of it. Especially the first stage. Youre doing something spectacular here. I look forward to your journey.

The people you’ll meet will be healed by your presence and this will be a lasting long term effect. You will be someone people will feel safe and understood by. In return, many will do their best to make you feel good and show their best behavior. It’s amazing when you can clear up all the blockages and traumas that prevent others to form great, loving and lasting bonds.


Yesterday was 30 seconds of KB 1.

I already had a few nightmares last night. Really active dream time for only 30 seconds on a first listen.

I’ve had energetic development XI in my SI/Spartan custom since March. So I think that will really help me out with my run of KB.

PS: I have Limitless Executive but never used it. I will be adding that at some point as well. Maybe second cycle but probably at my third cycle of KB 1 for sure I’ll add it in.

Yesterday, 1 minute of KB.

I had even more dreams last night. I had dreams about the exact issue I most wanted to get over. So it seems to be hitting one of the main things I wanted to get on Heartsong for.

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1 minute and 30 seconds of KB 1 today.

My plan is to get to 3 minutes and stay at 3 minutes to finish this 21 day cycle.

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Today my libido came back. I guess I hadn’t noticed that it went away. For the first week I was able to PMO without planning it. I just decided to go with it and it was pretty easy. I fell off the wagon but I’ve only got a week in on my first cycle. Not making it a should or anything.

The wringing of the rag continues. Feeling a little down today. I was fairly resilient though. I just let it pass through. I get myself out of the stories and feelings pretty quick. Just a matter of practice and habit.

I almost went for 30 seconds of my LBFH/DRLD custom or even my Survival Instinct/Spartan custom. I didn’t do it though. I actually stayed up all night last night and that wasn’t planned. So I ended up just releasing and did get pretty deep. Was just processing some fear and resistance. I ended up just going with it since I don’t have to be up at any specific time and got to sleep in when I was finally able to sleep.

About 3 years ago I had my only Satori experience doing that. I wasn’t going for it specifically but I had like a whole day of Satori, it wasn’t full Nirvana but it’s nice that I can still kind of remember that that happened. I can’t really explain it but quiet as a mind as I’ve had and just a feeling of clarity that I’ve never had before. I was dealing with anxiety and just the uncertainty of life at that time and so had a pretty good snap back after it.

Not something I’ve thought about it in awhile actually. I didn’t know it was satori at the time but it was just a nice experience for me. I think that’s when I first started releasing and getting like physical releases and for some reason I just went with it and was able to have that experience. Maybe it wasn’t actually satori but it was as close as I’ve ever been. I did have the personal ego snap back though and I’m in a much better place and would have a much smoother time should I get to experience such a thing again.

Tonight I’m saying if I’ve had any recon from KB 1 yet, it’s been very light and minimal.

Yesterday was maybe the worst of it but that was also due to me being up all night. I still ended my day at work on a high note.

So I’ve decided to add 30 seconds of Phoenix to the mix starting next cycle. I’m sure it’s only going to have big payoffs for me. But I will go very slowly with that one. I also plan to max out with 5 minute listens of each KB stage if that isn’t too overwhelming for me.

PS: I said i was doing PMO and i made a mistake. I was doing non-pmo (refraining) effortlessly for the first week of KB 1.

I was so tired today. As it got down to crunch time, workout or it would be too late. I took some stim-free preworkout. Then I felt better and got a bare minimum workout in. Felt better by the time I had to go to work.

It makes me think it’s time to get back on keto. I just feel better on it and have more energy.

I feel like my creativity is on the rise lately. Sense of humor coming back. I’m at the halfway point of this 21 day cycle, first cycle of Khan Black stage 1. From here on out it’ll be 3 minute listens starting in the am.

Today first 3 minute listen of KB 1.

I got a full night’s sleep.

I feel like my vitality is on the rise.

Now that I’ve gotten some loops under my belt, I think Paragon Sleep would be a great combo for me personally.

I’m still planning to add in Phoenix in the next cycle though.

I also feel like I could keep increasing at 30 second increments. I haven’t had anything to lead me to believe that I couldn’t handle more listening time.

I woke up sometime in the night from a nightmare.

I could just feel this sense in my body that KB 1 is doing good things energetically. I guess once again I will describe it as my vitality is being unleashed.

As far as the nightmare I got the message that it was me resolving and overcoming some things.

I decided to keep on increasing by 30 seconds. I did 3 mins 30 seconds of KB 1 today. I’m going for that sweet spot, for me personally. I’d like to find out what my ideal listening time is before I add in my 30 seconds of Phoenix. I plan to stick with 30 seconds of Phoenix for the entire first cycle. I plan to take that one really slow and then maybe go to 3 minutes when I finally get to stage 3 KB.

I’m coming back around to going with what I feel would benefit me the most right now.

I think Limitless Executive would fit the bill the most. I think it would greatly increase my desire to get things done and the mental boost would help me get clearer on my direction. It’s also more general and not specifically healing or anything else.

I’m thinking it best to put off another full fledged major title until stage 3 KB. I think that’s when I’d test out Phoenix. Until then I can use the extra vitality for getting things done and giving it some direction and creativity. I think it will work better with whatever my interests and goals already are. Plus it will help me in studying and putting that into action.

I will settle on 3:30 seconds of KB 1 for this cycle.

Nothing major just noticing some healing memories coming on. Very manageable but I’m okay with taking it slow.

Pretty active night of dreams again. Feel like things were turned up a bit. I wouldn’t even call it recon because it’s just easier and more smooth than previous experiences.

Now I’ll have to consider do I dive in on Heartsong finally, since it has the new technology updates. Or just stick to going with Limitless Executive. With HS I think the healing aspects would be complementary with KB and since I’m not in a time of necessary action it probably would be easiest for me to fit it in.

I feel like stage 3 is when I’d want to go for an action oriented, the getting things done flavored title to take advantage of the stage 3 KB.

Starting next cycle I will bring the new Heartsong on board. Tonight I’ve been having the stuff come up again. Still smooth but Heartsong would be the most targeted healing for it. I’m curious to find out what’s there after that stuff gets cleared up.

Today was 3 mins 30 seconds of kb 1. Nothing really to report. I haven’t had any recon come on. I reached out to someone I always wanted to get with. It was never convenient and I found out they’re still in touch with everybody they used to be and seem to be caught up in the fighting the world mentality. So for me that’s kind of a deal breaker. It’s not necessary or a rule but to me when I’ve worked on myself and changed for the better, I lost people and friends and there are environments I’ll never go back to. So to me it seems that this person might be set in their ways and views on things. Force the world to change while remaining blind to their own shortcomings.

So I’m still really looking forward to bringing Heartsong on board. I’m looking forward to finding out what it’s like to have myself in tune with who’s right for me rather than who I have to remove from my life. Social calibration is always a plus no matter what in my book. Like there’ve been times where somebody has told a joke and I caught the vibe and told a joke myself and got turned on. I didn’t realize that the person was seeking approval and in taking mode rather than just enjoying or giving mode. So to them it was a big offense I guess for anybody to steal their fire so to speak, even though that’s not what I was doing. So that’s a plus of my old stack which kept me in solitude by repelling the unwanted types. So I’ve kinda learned to be wary of people to the point where it’s not even seemed worth it. I just work and stay home and do my own things, and I’m happy with that. Some of those who like to dish it really can’t take it. Like they’ll appear all happy but they’ll turn on you if you’re not careful. Like they can say anything and everything and even tell you you can too, but no they don’t like it.

So I’m feeling good. Not as good yet as I was on LBFH or my other custom quite yet. But things are looking up as always. Looking more towards my desired reality rather than what I have to avoid. I think HS is going to be really helpful there, just being myself again.

Today was 3 min 30 secs of KB 1.

Definitely noticing the healing and stuff coming up but it’s definitely smoothest recon yet. I don’t even call it recon it’s like a refined recon, if you will.

Some frustrations coming up and still has me confident that Heartsong is going to be a very good thing for me.

Getting into action again definitely brings stuff to the surface so I can work on it and let it play itself out, thus setting it and myself free. So that I can get in touch with my deeper wants, desires, purpose. For me it still seems to be a clearning/healing journey. When I clear up the old stuff my naturalness can shine through and I live and act more in harmony with what’s truer for me.

PS: Been feeling a little cranky today. It’s the coldest part of the year and so getting motivated to work out isn’t easy. I am noticing that since focusing more on conditioning and mobility, I’m less worn out after a hard day’s work. So I’ll just continue on that way. I’m also going to take an extra rest day and go to four workouts a week. But I’ll still get in a short walk and 10 mins of mobility work on those days off.

I’m also thinking maybe I should just dive in with Phoenix but keep it to 30 seconds for the first cycle. I think it could accelerate the clearing out of whatever KB 1 is doing. The bonus is that whatever comes after Phoenix is just going to work better for me.

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Kind of considering going one more cycle of KB 1 solo before I’d add anything else.

I’ve still been going over what title would be best, not all the time just keeps coming up. I kind of want to go with Chosen From Within, but Phoenix seems to be the smart choice for the time being.

The self love portion of Heartsong is attractive and the healing, but I’m not sure that I’m after a partner or partners just yet. Ideally I’d want to custom Chosen and Heartsong because I did like the quality of women who were checking me out on Chosen. Plus it would also be a great combo for when I need to be more social and get more opportunities.

I’ve been having some luck and “roadblocks” just parting for me at times. That’s always been why I go back to healing. Whether it’s with releasing or a healing title ( I always do both) things just seem to align for me and I’m in the flow of harmony.

But it’s not a big deal. Like today I had to run out for a bit and on my way home I was hitting every single green light but I wasn’t excited it was just like a normal thing.

It’s like when you don’t have to wait in line and all the right things just line up but you didn’t even set the intention and weren’t even looking for it kind of thing.

I definitely attribute that to any energy clearing/healing properties of Khan Black for sure, it’s like whatever you put in it (or drop, might be more appropriate) just has more juice.

I think my new plan is to phase back in my LBFH/DRLD custom. I feel like maybe I ran away from it. I have some good modules in there and I think I’ll just run with that for the rest of KB 1.

PS: After sleeping on it. I have a big resistance to going back to LBFH/DRLD custom. So on one hand that says I need to just dive right in and confront it.

On the other hand I’m not really 100% on what title to add. The resistance seems to be if I add the custom back then I’m missing out on something else.

So I guess if anything that’s how the recon is showing up for me since being on KB 1 solo. I feel like I’m ready to try out 4 mins of KB 1 on my next listen though.

I’ve got 2 more listens left in this cycle.

I’m thinking I might just make a move on Heartsong. That’s still my number one recon or stuff that comes up that I get in my feelings about. So I might as well just go for it and clear that out. Then I can see what’s there without it. I’m sure I’ll have more clarity on other goals I’d like to pursue.