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Hey fellas. I’m a 21-year-old currently living in South Carolina. I just posted a new topic in the quintessence category, but I thought I would drop in here as well and introduce myself. I’ve just begun my journey towards wealth and would appreciate any pointers you men have. I respect the experience that comes with age.

Ascended mogul solo for a few months to build a base, then jump into emperor stark or khan or wanted

Thank you for the input Yazooneh but I actually meant in more material terms. What methods are commonly used here to actually make money, excluding subliminal use? If I haven’t made myself clear, I mean things such as stocks, e-commerce, and etcetera.

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oof, unsure since i aint on a wealth program, wait until the rich boys come on.

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Haha, sure thing Yazooneh, thanks. Tell me a bit about yourself. I’m currently working part time at Home Depot but I’ve put in some applications at other places because they aren’t giving me enough hours, and won’t put me in for full time for another few months. What do you do for work?

Those of you who are business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, if you want to contribute:


Those are the first ones that I can think of.

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Hey @Hawk_Segur_Taylor !

How is the job situation in general there? Optimal start would be to save enough to have a buffer for all your living costs for 6 to 12 months.

After that, use the income you now have to learn some high value skills. For example copywriting, running ads, marketing skills in general. Maybe get a job from some good agency to learn them in action with real money. These will help you a lot when you set up your own business. They are also very high in demand skills, with good pay. You will be able to gather your war funds and possibly find great contacts for your future goals.

Also read a bit on how to run a business properly. For example Emyth revisited. And depending on what direction you want to take with business, something on lean product development. Ready, Fire, Aim is a good book for your mindset.

A good tool for mapping different cash flow models is The Lean Canvas.

Thanks for the tag @RVconsultant


If you are planning on a technology based business go for stark by itself.

Thanks for posting you two!

@Hoppa and @blackadder