A scenario that crops up from time to time

Occasionally this scenario comes up. Figured I would address it…

So you just started your Journal. It feels good to connect with other people. Sharing ideas, experiences, and an occasional joke.
Three weeks into it, someone asks you a question that you’ve clearly written about in your Journal. It’s right there in black and white.
Can’t they read? you think to yourself.

Well before you respond like this, consider the following:
There are so many Journals and updates being written everyday, that almost as soon as you finish reading one, you’ve forgotten some of the finer details in that Journal.
And by the time you’ve read 3 or more Journals, forget about remembering the details from the first Journal that you’ve read.
So you either have to go back and re-read a Journal from the start, which is very time consuming, or you can just ask a question from the poster.

That’s why as a matter of habit and practice I always answer questions that I’ve clearly answered previously.
Because none of us have the time to re-read every journal from the start to make sure that the question hasn’t been answered somewhere in that journal.


Quantum Limitless and Limitless and Beyond Limitless Ultima users prolly don’t have that problem. :smiley: Good points. I’ve done that in conversations and it’s probably different for written things. In person they always had to tell me I already said that, and then they’d be repeating themselves but they never seemed to notice that and I never said anything.

But I digress, I agree with your post. It’s conversational and rather than reading scientific journals it’s interactive and that’s what I like about having a forum, real people being real.

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Hey, thanks for the kind words.

Not only journals, this scenario crops up in any of the threads.

I do find it somewhat annoying because my frame around it is that they’re too lazy (or stupid) to put in the 10-100 seconds it will take to “Search this topic”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This doesn’t require Limitless Brain Superpowers. :joy:


I was referring to retaining all the info from reading multiple journals at once.

I have found that in the past as well where people will ask questions that have already been covered in depth and they just refuse to do the research. They want you to sum it all up in a nice little package for them. I usually don’t even bother with those threads.

I also like being able to ask a question in the moment because it’s more conversational especially when you’ve already read through many of the threads and journals and are seeking to stimulate some new ideas and input.

Thank you for mentioning this. I really do appreciate it. I can’t remember everything I read. Sometimes I remember highlights, or at least I think I do. I think I’ve even mixed up what I thought was in one person’s journal with anothers entry.


Happens to me all the time.