A Proposed Journal On My Experience With Regeneration Might Not Be

What are you using as your dominant subliminal?

As I understand it, Primal Seduction will out-weigh Ascension as it is both a huge title and a healing one but if it’s PS that you want the most benefits from that’s perfect. Myself, my playlist would be:

AscensionQ (x2) x Primal SeductionQ (x1) first day.

AscensionQ (x2) x RegenerationQ (x1)

Or, just a single loop of each in Qv2 in the beginning. I haven’t tried Ascension Qv2 more than one loop yet since I’ve gotten it, today will be the first day.

I was thinking of using PS as the dominant one. I still have to download Qv2 later today. Was I right about it being too early for me to use PS Iron Throne, do you think?

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Since, as you said, PS has a healing element, I might drop Regeneration for a while altogether.

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Do you still have doubts about yourself as a sexual being? About your ability to seduce, have sex, have a relationship, flirt, and so on?

If the answer is yes to any of those, I would wait for a month or two before graduating to Iron Throne.

Based off of what I’ve read, of course. I have no IT exp besides the ultima.

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That’s what I’ll do then. PS and Ascension for now and Iron Throne in a couple of months.

That’s a good time frame; just remember, only you will know when you’re ready for Iron Throne :slight_smile:

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Thinking about your earlier answer, I’m wondering if Libertine might be a better fit for me than Iron Throne. After a year in lockdown, I’m not too confident in my ability to flirt and seduce anymore. I have lots to think about.

Primal Seduction will definitely help you with flirting and seduction, I would recommend you wait until that time comes to decide between Libertine or Iron Throne. Priorities may change, you may decide to go a different direction altogether, and so on.

If you can avoid shiny object syndrome, that is. Lol.

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Yup. Shiny object syndrome is definitely kicking in. Not enough hours in the day, ha. PS and Ascension it is for now.

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I think Wanted might have solved my Libertine vs Iron Throne conundrum!:sunglasses:


Looking back at this post, do you still think so?

Wanted is working out very well. I’m up to three loops a day, along with one loop of Elixer ultima, I might include a second loop of Elixer. Lots of interest from random women and I’m certainly much more carefree. I’m still intrigued by Libertine, though.

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May I ask what subs you’re listening to at the moment?

My custom along with Wanted :slight_smile:

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