A new chapter in life

Hi all.

First of all, English is not my mother touage. If I make any mistakes, I’m sorry. If I write something that is difficult to understand, please tell me and I will try to fix it.

I am a 39 year old man, and to be honest I have not decided to use subliminals yet, but while I take side I can say hello and ask your opinion.

I plan for the next decade of my life to be UNIQUE and better than the other 3 TOGETHER. In every possible way. In case I decide to use subliminals, after making a plan, I will not change it until December 28 (my birthday).

Financially: I have a very good quality of life. But I’m about to close a deal, which will leave me enough additional money to invest in an additional business (which I have not decided yet), which I am planning to use as seed capital to start my empire * * (first milestone) **.

I also want to improve my Physique, both aesthetically, in health and in functional capacity. I am a disciplined person, but I think it doesn’t hurt to be as efficient as possible. If along the way I end up being desired and the object of sweet dreams then I will consider it an additional bonus. I also have a difficult long-term sports goal. That one is a secret, that I plan to share only when I am closer to fulfilling it. ** (Second milestone) **.

Last but not least. My wife and I love each other, and we make a great couple in all aspects of life except the bedroom. Our sex life sucks, fixing this in EVERY ASPECT (frequency, variety, intensity and connectedness) is the ** (Third milestone) **.


Well, hi!

Welcome to the forum.

I’m relatively new also but have gotten along very well with everyone so far; I’m sure you will, too.

I’m just gonna go straight ahead and share my recommendations.

Emperor OR Ascended Mogul, R.I.C.H

Wanted ZP or its older equivalents,

Primal Seduction or its stronger equivalent Ultima, Wanted ZP or its older equivalents

If I were you, I’d go with Emperor, Wanted ZP and Primal Seduction. Some would consider this to be a heavy first stack so it all depends on how prepared you are for the journey ahead of you. There are strict listening guidelines entailing each different type of track.

ZP is the latest technology from SubClub. It uses more powerful scripting that interacts with the subconscious mind rather than forcing change.

Ultima is a combination of two subconscious delivery technologies and uses normal scripting called Qv2.

Qv2 is the normal audio which is available in two formats, masked and ultrasonic.

Please bear in mind I am new here but I think this would have perhaps helped me a bit if I were new like you and with your objectives.

Good Luck!


I think Emperor would be a good fit. It’s a relatively broad program that should cover all of your stated goals.

If you’re interested the support site has general information on subliminal programs as well as detailed information on topics such as listening schedules.


Emperor sounds like a perfect fit, but Emperor is a lot for a beginner to handle. I’m not sure if ZP has had a role in making certain subs easier to absorb for beginners due to the different script and lack of modules, but history suggests that Emperor isn’t the best sub to run if you don’t already have a strong foundation to build off of. But for all that I know, EZP could be different.

My suggestion personally would be to start slow and go bigger: Ascended Mogul as your foundational sub, with Wanted for your physique and want for desire, and Diamond for your sexual relationship with your wife. Run that for 3 months and then consider Emperor instead of AM.

If you want to truly commit to one stack until December 28, you can say fuck it and just go all in with Khan. Wanted can also be run with that too. 2 sub stack IMO is perfect for the beginning of your sub journey.

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First, welcome to Subliminal Club. Second: DIAMOND ZP.

You’ll see results from that one from your first listen. :wink:


Welcome, my friend.

I will get straight to the point. My recommendation for you is:

Emperor + Spartan + DIAMOND

They are all in the latest ZP format.

Emperor for your empire goals. Wealth, alpha and dominance in your life. It also has sexual scripting.

Spartan. Since you are already a self-disciplined man, it will take your fitness goals to the next level. Emperor also has exercise motivation. So Emperor + Spartan will make you more of a beast.

DIAMOND for that bedroom fun. Trust me your sex life is going to change after using it.


Hi @Parakonan and welcome.

I would start with one sub. WANTED ZP

If two subs in the latest ZP format I am thinking of

  • Mogul + WANTED
  • Mogul + DIAMOND

Ascended Mogul or Emperor: House of Medici in QV2 format could be of consideration instead of Mogul.

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Welcome to the forum…I agree with @Lion 's recommendations.

This is Emperor’s goal. But also, take a look at Emperor: House of Medici too since it sounds like you’re already well versed in business. It might fit better depending on your empire goals.

Spartan will help you improve every aspect of your physicality towards excellence, improving reflexes, timing, musculature, overall health, etc., which will help with your secret sports goal.


Thank you all and congratulations on having such an active and proactive community.I appreciate the interest.

About my stack y was thinking as some of you mentioned SPARTAN and DIAMOND, but I wanted to know others points of view.

WANTED gives me the impression that it is very focused on the aesthetic aspect of the body, but neglects health and high physical performance.

I think DIAMOND focuses on improving my and my partner’s sexual lives, while PRIMAL SEDUCTION also focuses on increasing the number of sexual partners to have and I´m not interested in that at the moment. Of corse I could be wrong.

My main question is regarding the first objective.
There are too many subliminals related to economic growth in one way or another. Emperor, Mogul, Ascended Mogul, R.I.C.H., Khan and the list goes on.

@BengalTiger I was thinking and my commitment is more with a plan than with a specific list. What I want to avoid is jumping from one thing to another without direction, but if as part of the plan it is convenient to listen to a file, and at some specific moment, change it for another, I can do it without problem.

Finally, although I have just started, Osokenio is usually a nickname that I use in forums that do not matter much to me. Last night I realized that this time it is not like that and that I should use a name that if it meant something, the first word that came to mind was Paragon. What do you think?

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@RVconsultant, @SaintSovereign, or @DarkPhilosopher will be able to change your user name for you.

P.S. I think your grayed-out name indicates you have not yet confirmed your email. That would be a good idea, also.

I wouldn’t say that it neglects health and high physical performance because to refine the aesthetics of one’s body requires one to be in good health and good physical shape. But the end goal of WANTED is the improvement of physical aesthetics, whereas something like Spartan or Emperor Fitness would be more concentrated on increasing physical performance and health (and good physique would be a by-product of that).

Exactly, that’s why I suggested Diamond over PS, as others have as well.

You’re right, though they’re all variations with a similar goal. I think the best way to look at it is to see Mogul and Ascended Mogul as subs for personal wealth management, versus Emperor, Stark and Khan as subs for entrepreneurship and the creation of finance sources.

Do keep in mind that the subs mentioned are not just focused on wealth; RICH and EOG are purely money focused subs.

Perfect. My recommendation is AM and Diamond, with your 3rd sub of choice either being WANTED or Spartan, depending on what you prefer (I suspect you’re leaning more towards Spartan). After 3 months, you can switch out AM for Emperor if you feel that you’ve established that necessary foundation.


Emperor ZP might not be too much for a beginner to handle, and besides, Emperor solo will solve all those goals. After a few weeks of Emperor Solo, you can consider adding in Diamond for added sexual boosts.

I would recommend not listening to 3 subs at once.

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Do you want to change your user name to Paragon?

@RVconsultant yes please, @Billions Why do you recommended not listening to 3 subs at once?

Apparently someone else has this name already. What else would you like? Perhaps a variation such as Paragon-one, or maybe another name?

Okay, so I’ll go deeper, the word Paragon originally comes from two words:
From the old Italian paragone meaning “touchstone.” A black stone used to test the purity of gold and silver.
And from the Greek parakonan which means to sharpen or whet one thing against another. I like this one more. I´m using the sublimminals to hone myself.
Parakonan will be.


Well the lighter the stack the more focused and quicker your results will be, in theory. When I ran my first stack I made sure to run 2 subs as well instead of 3.

@RVconsultant Thanks for changing my nickname (I guess it was you)

@BengalTiger The thing is I don’t care so much about having quick results (Although of course I would like to). I care more about achieving great and permanent results in my long-term goals. I believe that there are small things that can be done one by one quickly, and others that are important that have to be done little by little (but sometimes can be done in parallel).

On the other hand, if it is a matter of having enough resources available to do the job correctly (energy, capacity for change or whatever) then I understand.

In that case, particularly for me, it might be more important to start with DIAMOND than the other two. To be honest, although Emperor certainly is the one file that covers more or less the three aspects that I am looking for but it is in sex with my wife where I need more help, I have no idea how I can improve it.

Economically I’m doing well.

Physically I am more or less handsome and I have more or less good physical condition, and although I can certainly improve in both. It’s something that from the moment I can do on my own , even if it is in a less efficient way.

That’s precisely it. Of course it depends on every person, but it’s always safer to start with 2 subs when you’ve just started exposing yourself to subliminals.

Today I told my wife about SC. She told me two things.

First. She recommended that before I start, I discuss my plan with my therapist, which seems valid to me. I can wait a couple of days.

Second. That she has her doubts as to whether subliminals work but that if they do, after she begins to see the changes in me, she may also have to start using them so as not to be left behind. . She said it as a joke, but I see a Seductress wife in my future.