A More Lovable James Bond :>

Had great results with my last cycle of Wanted + PS + SSX (added in the middle of the cycle), the only problem is that I was pretty sick for the last week of it. Half of me wanted to repeat the stack, but I was also very curious to see what would happen if I replaced one of them with Love Bomb, so I did. New stack is Wanted + SSX + Love Bomb. Will see how it goes.

Day 1

15 min SSX, 15 min Love Bomb


I can’t wait to see what updated WANTED will be like (or maybe I can :laughing: what if it’s tough to choose?!) I’ve since switched to WANTED Black (with SSX + Khan), having used both WANTEDs since the days each came out… and both in multiple customs.


Day 2 rest

7 min AC

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Day 3

7 min Wanted

Just don’t switch stacks. Keep it going and use conscious action to become “more loveable james bond”

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I switched out PS for Love Bomb, which I think was a good move. It feels more positive/happy.

Day 4 rest

Day 5

15 min SSX, 15 min LB

Good day, lots of looks/flirtation, felt good and sexy :sunglasses:

Day 6 rest

The opposite of yesterday so far, no love, feeling needy, people seem rude today despite it being a beautiful day. Of course this is probably recon. I think it’s hitting me a little bit today :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Day 7

2 min Wanted, cutting this shorter since yesterday was feeling some recon (neediness, frustration etc.). Note: felt like a ghost much of the day yesterday, though there were a few good and positive interactions, like I saw and hung out with a friend I don’t see very often which was cool, good to hang out him since he’s one of my childhood homies, and there were a few interactions with girls which were positive and fun. The key seems to get the girl(s) engaged (just for a second or two) then flirting/having her attracted is easy.

Day 8 rest

Day 9

7 min SSX, 7 min LB, 7 min AC

Day 10 rest

Feeling needy and irritable off and on, feels like recon. Certain things help, like the Sedona method and Sammy Ingram techniques.

Day 11

7 min Wanted. Felt good at first, then as the day went on, had some anger, frustration, neediness, typical recon from my experience. Not pleasant, but I’m used to it at this point lol. Just had to stop and remind myself that “this is probably recon”.

Day 12 rest

Feel much better than yesterday, woke up and feel chill and thinking “wow why was I so mad?”

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Day 13

15 min SSX 15 min LB

Day 14 rest

Day 15

3:45 min Wanted. Was super moody/needy/angry/sad/frustrated and all that good stuff yesterday, probably recon + bad sleep /: got good sleep last night but still did a short loop today because it felt right. Going much longer and I feel I would get pretty bad recon.

edit: went to the gym and was kind of chill at first, then started to feel frustrated/needy/etc. but it was empowering, like it was a feeling that I can talk to any girl and I’m going to f*cking make it work no matter what, even if she responds negatively, I’ll do my damnnest to get a good response/make a good impression/charm her in SOME way. So I walked up to one girl who was working out and asked how many sets she had left, she lifted her finger “1”, then I asked how many reps she had, so she took out her ear bud and I asked again and she said 10, then I asked if she could do 30 more (literally made no sense but I didn’t care), she was confused and I said “just kidding” and she laughed and I walked downstairs, where I approached another girl and abruptly just walked up and asked what her name was (keep in mind I have this fire burning inside me where I HAVE to approach a girl or two or else I’ll remain pissed and in a bad mood, similar to my first ever cycle of WB + OG SS), we talked for a while and for the first 10 seconds or so I think she wanted to be left alone, but I kept talking asking questions, found out she was Persian, and that she was 17, and I was about to leave at that point as I kinda laughed and said “oh you’re a baby” (she easily could’ve passed for early 20s though), but then she started asking ME questions and was smiling and being flirty etc., and at one point in the convo she said she turns 18 in December, which I didn’t really think about till later, there was a slight language barrier but it was still pleasant. I tried to leave the convo twice but she pulled me back in lol, and eventually I shook her hand twice and we parted ways. Anyway, that released pretty much all of that weird pent up energy and as for the Persian girl, perhaps I’ll see her again at the gym in the future.

Day 16 “rest”

AC 7 min.

Don’t be afraid of downing the loops or extending period between loops…