A Modern Myrmidon

In Greek mythology, there were other people apart from the Spartans who were also famous for their strength, size, courage, and their ability for war, but they were also known for being intelligent and extremely hardworking.

They were the army that Achilles led in the conquest of Troy. They are supposed to have descended from ants and were known as Myrmidons.

That’s why the name of this journal, My goals are to reach the physical capacity of a Spartan and have an economic empire using my intelligence and hard work.

After considering the opinions in my introduction. I bought Emperor, Diamond, and Spartan.
I plan to start with Emperor which is the one file that is closest to my purposes and with Diamond by SaintSovereign recommendation.

If after the first cycle I feel that I can with a third file I will add Spartan.
If I see that it is too much I will see how to adapt it.


“Myrmidon” that brought up some memories from the Fire Emblem series.

Great stack and good luck :smiley:


Phoermes I didn’t know that, the truth is that I don’t remember ever playing any Fire Emblem Games. But I googled it already. Cool.

On the other hand, today I began to listen to both Subliminals. I decided to listen to Masked Emperor and Ultrasonic Diamond to see if I noticed greater sensitivity to one form or another.

But since it’s very easy for me to forget about the audio and concentrate on what I’m doing, I’m not sure if I listen to diamond completely or not because at some point I had to get up from the computer and remember the file until I get back. If I could play the files multiple times there would be no problem, but due to the limitations of ZP, I think I’ll stick to the masked files.

At the moment I’m not sure if I feel symptoms already, today I didn’t have much contact with other people in general but that will have to change tomorrow. What I have felt all day is a slight pressure on my temples and forehead, it is a pleasant sensation, which I have felt other times but with less intensity.

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So today was my first day off, these are the things I noticed:

I dreamed that I was the director of a sportswear brand. The brand has been around for 30 years, but just last year it started having its boutique. Some relatives work in the company but I have no relationship with it.
Today I woke up with morning wood (not uncommon) it felt a bit strange because I felt very full but I wasn’t as hard as I can get.

I also woke up with a slight headache. Drinking some water fixed it.

My wife decided to take the day off, so I did too, I didn’t have as much contact with other people as I expected, however, I did notice my wife was slightly more affectionate towards me than usual.

Also a moment ago we had a small disagreement that usually includes a quick but too energetic exchange of opinions. This time it didn’t. I said what I thought and she remained silent.

Finally, I went to cut my hair, normally the barber where I go is polite but dry. Today we had a pleasant conversation in which he showed interest in me and my family’s history.


Set 1 Day 5
To be honest the day before yesterday, removing a little of the pleasant pressure I feel on my face and this time including the upper part of my nose, I didn’t notice anything else.

But yesterday something happened that I think is much more interesting.

My wife has a restaurant in a tourist complex. On one side she has another restaurant with which we get along very well, it belongs to two MILF friends. One is married and the other divorced.

I was reviewing some topics sitting on the terrace of the restaurant when someone approached me from behind and covered my eyes with their hands.

It was the divorced neighbor, who complained to me because I had not gone to visit her at her restaurant, so in the afternoon I went to visit them and she was very subtly flirting with me the whole time I was with them.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the dreams, in four nights since I’ve started listening to the files in total I’ve woken up remembering five dreams.

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Set 1 Day 7
Yesterday I realized that my appetite has increased, I have been very hungry for four days, almost as if I returned to puberty.

Another thing is that my way of sleeping has been altered. I’m used to sleeping 7 hours straight and waking up perfectly rested, without even using the alarm clock. Now it seems like I need 8 hours of sleep to recover, and every night I’ve woken up in about half that time.

Once again I woke up remembering what I dreamed of since I started listening to the subs. Only one night I have not woken up remembering my dreams and half the days I remember two. one when I wake up in the middle of the night and one in the morning. In any case, the one I remember from today has been the most pleasant of all.

Another thing I have noticed is that I usually behave in a rational but cold-blooded way, which sometimes makes me seem distant and makes human relations difficult. Currently, I have been behaving just as rationally but much more hot-blooded, I think I like it better, but we’ll see as time goes by.

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Set 1 Day 16
Last and this week have been bad for business, there has been a LOT to do but little income.

Anyway, on Thursday morning I had a strong argument with my wife, it came without warning and for no real reason. If it wasn’t for the warning that this could happen, I would have worried. The anger lasted two days and then my wife began to behave as if nothing had happened.

I also had a couple of days in which I didn’t wake up remembering what I had dreamed, it coincides precisely with two times that, while listening to the subs. I was talking to someone else. Yesterday I heard the subs, as usual, well today I woke up again remembering my dream.

Set 1 Day 21.
Today I finished my first cycle of 21 days and I’m going to start my 5 days out, I felt it as if it were an instant.

Anyway I have a couple of things to think about these days, but in the meantime:

I don’t know how to take this.

My wife in the last 15 days has taken a more active role in looking better. She just bought an entire skin care treatment, a hair care product, and today she is starting to try intermittent fasting.

Do you think this has something to do with Diamond or Emperor?

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I know Emperor and probably also Diamond is working.

So I decided to do my Set 2 with the same stack, I think I could integrate Spartan, but I decided not to do it for now. To keep things as simple as possible and to increase exposition.

I have a specific economic goal to achieve in the next few weeks and I plan to listen to Emperor as much as I can until then. After that, in my 3rd (maybe 4th set). I plan to start with spartan also.

In terms of results, my wife and I have started intermittent fasting. For me it is being relatively easy, my wife is having a harder time…

Cycle 2 day 2
Yesterday I started listening to Emperor and Diamond again, I took a few extra days before the start of the second cycle to line it up with the beginning of the week.

The only thing I noticed when I was listening was a little headache.

Something strange happened. My wife, I, and a group of friends got together for the Super Bowl in a rented loft. but yesterday a friend had a meeting and his wife asked us if we could drive her home.

We had a nice conversation all the way to her house, but once she closed her door, my wife started to discuss with me until we arrived at our own. As if she was jealous, and after 10 years of marriage that would be the first time. A couple of hours later then she was as if nothing happened.

Today in the morning She was really happy because in the week since we started intermittent fasting she had lost 3 Kg. (That’s 6.6 lb).


Cycle 2 day 14
I’m still here. But the last few days have been really busy.
For the moment I’m one day late in listening to my list since the Friday of last week.

About results
I have had a few encounters with people that I know in which I believe that the other person has actuated a little more friendly than normal.
I have also noticed that more than usual, girls and one or two guys are looking at me when passing.

Cycle 3 day 3
Last week was complicated, and from the beginning, I knew that was almost impossible to listen to the subs following an agenda. so I decided to extend my washout an extra week.

I would like to say that I have seen a couple of extreme results, but I haven’t. What I have seen are a lot of small increments in a lot of things, that I hope will escalate exponentially in the long run.

That makes it difficult to share with you interesting news.

Cycle 3 day 9
A lot has happened in the last few days.
One of the owners of the tourist complex in which my wife has its restaurant decided to open a bar to teach one of his sons how to work (He is a good boy). And offered us 20% of the business in exchange for helping his son with the project, the opening, and after that, supervising him, but he is the one to operate it.

We plan to open it for Summer.

On the other hand, the business opportunity that made me start with these subs is going well, and there is a good possibility that it becomes two times bigger than what I originally thought.

Things with my wife have been improving little by little, but there is a long way to cover until we arrive where we need.

Also, today when I came out of the shower, the reflection of my friend, looked bigger.

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Cycle 3 day 22
Yesterday I finished my third cycle and I started my washout.

Wash 3 day 9
I was planning to start my cycle 4 yesterday, but since the weekend I’ve been a bit sick and prefer to rest a couple more days from the subs. to use all my energy to recover.
At the rate I’m going I should be fully recovered by Friday.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about whether to keep my stack intact or not. So I think I’m having reconciliation.

I originally planned to start with emperor and diamond and later add spartan. later I decided that for me it is much easier to handle only two subs at the same time, which also allows me to have the most exposure per file, and after achieving a specific objective with Emperor change it to spartan,
But it turns out that Emperor is working extremely well for me and what was originally my goal is now just an intermediate goal, on the other hand, Diamond is much further from reaching my goals which makes me doubt whether or not I need more time to internalize it.

Cycle 4 day 1
Today I started my new cycle with the same stack, Emperor and DIAMOND, both ZP Masked version. I’m leaving this here just as a registry.

This last cycle was a bit different, I did not notice differences in my environment, but I think that a few things in which I have been working consolidated inside of me. For the moment I plan to take one or two months before restarting with the subs. Also for some unknown reason, I came across a book of penis exercises, related to ME, hardness, and control, this weekend I started to incorporate them into my routine.

Cycle 5 day 1
After the last month’s rest, I decided to resume listening to subs and listen to emperor and Spartan.

For the moment my relationship with my wife has hit a plateau, but it’s ok, everything is better than how it was at the beginning of the year and I can give us some time to get used to this new standard before starting to improve again.

During this break, I almost buy another set of files, It was until the last Sunday that I realize that for the moment I have everything I need to improve in my top priorities. I also noticed that because I have seen improvements in our businesses and my relationship with my wife, I wanted to improve in other not-so-important aspects of my life.

I stopped myself from jumping from one thing to the other and kept using any combination of my starting plan: Spartan, Emperor, and Diamond.

Today was the first time that I listen to Spartan and almost from the beginning, I started to feel Hotter, a lot Hotter mostly inside my head but also in my upper chest.

And if anyone wanted to know, the exercises I am doing for my friend downstairs are working, and he is slowly but surely, growing.


Cycle 5 day 15.
Last week my wife got sick with COVID-19, she is doing fine but my working load got duplicated, as I take control of my and her business, so I’m exhausted and not sure if I have missed one or even two listens of the subs. I’m planning to continue as if I didn´t miss anything and hope that my next cycle will be easier to follow.

Cycle 7 Day 24
Cycles 5 and 6 were a little hard to complete, but this last one was easy to stay on schedule, I´m on the 3rd day of my washout, and two interesting things happened with my wife on Sunday and Tuesday, on Sunday My wife told me that on Monday (A rest day for her) she wanted to go to the salon to have her nails done, this is not common, normally she does this herself, and just a little trim. Only on special occasions, goes to the salon because it takes a lot of time.
In the end, life got in the way and she wasn’t able to go.
On Tuesday she went shopping and came home with 5 new pairs of shoes (this is more or less common), but 3 of the pairs had low hills, and this is uncommon because the tourist complex has stone roads.

Also during this time, the bar in which we have 20% of the business opened its doors. It didn’t start great, but it´s constantly improving and we hope that at the end of the year it should be doing good numbers.

The business opportunity in which I have been working got delayed indefinitely, but I’m sure that sooner or later It will finish materializing.

All of this happened while I has been listening to Spartan and Emperor since June.

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