A couple of newbie questions



I’m very interested in several of Your programs, but I have a couple of basic question. (Just getting started with subliminals.)

Language: How well has Your English to be for the modules to work properly? (I’m from Germany, English is only my 2nd language.)

Is there a compatibility list of which modules are going well together/overlap? (Reading the descriptions e. g. Emperor & Daredevil might either complement or collide.)

Is it possible to switch between programs? I see my GF only every so often and she wouldn’t want to listen to “Emperor” while sleeping but is very interested in the Dreams module. So I would use 10 nights Emperor, 3 night Dreams.

If I buy a programm now and You will update later, do I have to buy it again or are updates inclusive?




Forgot one:

What other sounds (e. g. TV or music) diminish the effects of ultrasonic subliminals, which ones are okay?


Based on what I’m seeing here, you should be fine. Conversational english is generally enough.

Well – compatibility is a complicated subject. Generally, it depends on your goals and personality. All of our subs were designed to “link into” each other and complement each other’s results. We call this “stacking.” Yes, Emperor and Daredevil should stack well.

Yes. You can set up your subliminal stack anyway you want. Note that DREAMS is a hybrid subliminal / hypnosis track with a spoken audio track. It’s 10 minutes long and was designed for you to use before bed.

Updates are inclusive.



You can listen to ultrasonic subliminals while doing or listening to anything. Just make sure you keep the subliminal volume at a reasonable level.


Thank You so much for the fast reply!

That helped a lot!


And 2 more: Are Daredevil and Libertine solely meant for men?

Will there be something like an Empress program in the future?

Thank You!


Libertine is pretty much strictly for men. Daredevil is a social enhancer, it’s marketed to men and has a male perspective on socializing, but unless @Fire says otherwise, there’s no scripting that would stop a woman from using it.

Yes, we are actively working on MONARCH, which is the women’s version of Emperor. If you have any ideas, feel free to PM me.