A blend of what I need and what I want - Khan ST1 + Custom Sex & Status - Journal

I couldn’t resist the advantage of creating a custom and I went forward and did order one.

I started KhanQ on May 30th. My road was bumpy. Started with 5 loops, then down to 3 because of a lot of anger came up and wanting to not listen to it again, then down to 1 loops as 2 have been a trouble as well.

After realizing what is going on, on the background I realized that I have to run it for 6-12 months and that made me feel really sad as its ok to do healing but you also want to execute and do stuff, and having all these other programs available didn’t really help me knowing they are sitting there.

Last night I decided that my mental health is important and went through and created a custom one. The plan is to run it alongside Khan ST1. Best case scenario, 1 loop each, 4-5 days on, 1-2 days off. Worst case scenarios a) 1 loop each for a day and a day break or b) 1 day the Khan ST1 loop, 1 day the Custom loop and then 1 day break.

At the end of the day, as time goes by it will become easier and easier to run Khan ST1 so the 1 loop will be familiar. And, in a week’s time after I get my custom, it will mark a month listening to it. Not that it is too much but my mind would have a better familiarity with it.

Let’s hope the tide is with me on this one :sweat_smile: At the end of the day I compromised. Listening to Khan ST1 50% (what I really need) and listening to the custom I desire 50% (what I really want).

Here is my custom:

StarkQ Core
Primal Seduction Q Core
Sex & Seduction Q Core

Sex related:
Instant Spark
Earthshaker - Sexuality
Sexual Manifestation
Sexiness Unbound

Status related:
Lion IV
Invincible Presence
Iron Frame
Alpha of Alpha
Godlike Masculinity

Enhancers (with status and sex combos):
Gorgeous Manifestor



On one loop of Khan ST1 as my custom is not ready yet.

Last night I had a dream of someone doing something bad to me just to make fun of me. I felt really bad because I didn’t react properly, e.g. smash his head.

It’s good to see that 1 loop does its job without being overwhelmed.

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Received my custom early this morning. I was so eager so I listened to 1 loop in the morning after waking up and my Khan ST1 loop about 6 hours later. Then now… few hours later, I craved listening to my custom again and I did listen to another loop. I love this craving I feel when the program I will listen to is about being social, and about status and sex!


How did you feel after listening to the custom?

Lately I’ve been fed up with everything, feeling hopeless and giving up on everything.

After that first loop I had a huge desire to move forward, to improve. And that’s the best thing that could happen in the phase I am in right now.

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Wonderful. Looking forward to your progress.


OK this is weird. Five minutes before the end of the second loop of the custom, a craving began forming again. Now, an hour later I am craving it again really bad. Is this normal? Should I listen more or is this some kind of a mind game to have the opposite results?

The mods can give you a definitive answer, but i’m curious to know if this is preventing you from taking the actions you set out to take?

Well. Its just a day. Time will show.

The truth is that when I was first feeling hopeful again I did had a thought of doing different things outside of the house just to go out and see people. But the sadness I am feeling is stronger and ended up checking tinder and other dating apps as I wanted to stay put.

edit: seriously. its getting stronger and stronger. i highly hope this to be a good thing but with logic, it doesn’t seem to. I roughly stand listening to a second loop of Khan ST1. How is this being craved for a 3rd loop?!

edit2: Ok. For some reason I want to celebrate some kind of win. What’s with that?!

Well I love the feeling!! And it’s like I am waiting for not something big to happen but several big things to happen!

I don’t know. I don’t know… Does anyone feel like that with these programs? This is magic!

I mean… I don’t care about failure as I did before. I feel charged. I feel so many different things!

And… I want to go to sleep early so that I will wake up next day and listen to the custom again. I’m like a kid waiting for school trip the next day.

1 loop of Khan ST1 and 3 loops of my Sex & Status custom today.

Feeling a bit powerful and with hope that I can achieve things which is nice.

Somehow had 2 matches on tinder in just 20 swipes. I tend to have like 2 matches in 200 swipes. I won’t say its the program or if its a coincidence but if anything with this magnitude happens again then it can’t be a coincidence.


Break day.

I did 6 days of Khan ST1 - 1 loop and 2 days of the custom, 2 loops and 3 loops. If the cravings for listening to the custom don’t return by tomorrow I will do another break day.

Happy with my listening pattern. Glad I can stand these many days with KhanQ even though its just 1 loop.

I was shy today my normal shyness level is 6/10. Today it hit 8/10 which might be healing or execution of some kind.


Another successful break day. I almost did it with the promise that I will wake up tomorrow and put my custom for a loop!

I had a dream yesterday that is the ultimate bad dream I am seeing but never remember. It is like the mother of evil dreams for me.

Also some anger, frustration coming out. It seems that the break days were much needed. Both of them. And that’s why breaks are important kids.

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Woke up and did a loop of my custom.

I still was frustrated and angry about something that happened yesterday. But general mood is frustration anyway. Is there a chance I need a 3rd day break or did the subconscious find the time to surface stuff?

I am wondered if what @honeymonster does to reconciliation works for me as well, as so far when I was feeling that I was always taking as much break days as possible. Going the other way I run my Khan ST1 loop.

And I will not run anything else for today. That’s already too much for me. I believe we many go through a roller coaster to darkness the last few days and today is the peak so, taking it slow.

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When i first ran Khan ST1 the first week was absolute hell. I was in tears, angry with the past. That was a year ago before Q came along, however i barreled through and eventually things turned out well.

You do know that whatever cores you choose in you custom also have a healing component ?


What can I say? Glad someone had similar experiences because I am an emotional mess!

Yes I do and custom’s themselves have a script for healing. Well. I need to go through it so I will just push and take breaks when needed.

This healing is much needed so the rest of the modules can work.

I think it was Fire who explained that Khan Stage 1 is a brutal breakdown. The way he explained it was imagine you are the house. Most healing subliminal programs would strip the walls and floors of the house. Then repaint the walls and floors and add in the new furniture. What Khan stage 1 does is it demolishes the house and rebuilds it from scratch so you can imagine just how brutal stage 1 it is.



Man. Since my last reply I got so smashed. I try to sleep and I can’t. 15 minutes before this effect I got really angry and frustrated. Now I am just exhausted.

If it will work I am a 100% all-in.

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Healing dreams are every night. I average one loop for both the custom and Khan ST1 the last few days. Break days are close and I am terrified :sweat_smile:

Break day today.

A girl that was never noticing me at a shop i visit very often was checking me out yesterday.

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