285 solfeggio for healing


Anyone had any experiences of using the 285 solfeggio frequencies for healing. ?.


All the frequencies work like miracle. Listen to them. Just don’t listen to 528 and 741 together at the same time. You can listen to them one after another.

Each and every frequency work. I do listen all of them. They boost my creativity, immune system. I’m more relaxed and focused. Listen to them in pure tone.


I play an album with all 9 frequencies every day. Apart from sounding nice, I haven’t really noticed anything. But if it helps, it helps. It certainly isn’t in my way.


why so? @MavericKobra


simultaneously with subclub products or separately?


Which ones boost creativity? and what do the others do?


Used to do simultaneously since I don’t see why they should conflict. But now that I don’t have to listen to subs all day long with Q, I listen to the Q-tracks exclusively and other stuff (like these) afterwards.