27 Subliminals For 24 Hour, 365 (I'm on 90 days now)


Man this feels good, it’s like a drug for more power that I can’t stop and the results can not be denied.
I’m saying truths not wanting to say it,I’m doing things not wanting to do it,
Like I’ve got my will under control and the foolish emotions of insecurities can’t block my command like they used to.
This is good.
I’m using Khans,Primals,Limitless,Ascension,Emperor V2,Alchemist,StarkQ,
as a huge combo.
It’s really a great feeling, I can say anything I want, it is good!
No one can stop me.
You can be sure that, I did not want power for myself, I want it to help others.
50% in me is compassionate and wants to heal the world with love,care.
Another half wants to crush it, in a good way.It wants to take out all the people from the pyramid of things, so that the scheme and scams of the vested guys collapse like a building in an earthquake.
So. It is in my all interests to empower people so that they crush the fuvking system like a shite!
You can use as much subliminal as you want on VLC Media Player.
Make separate player option available from Options.
Become Strong!!! and Crazy of course,
This is like the best drug!!!


As :astonished: long :hushed: as :open_mouth: it’s :astonished: working :hushed: , right? :open_mouth: Yeah…


Is he trolling?

Pinging @DarkPhilosopher


Probably, watch his post history - some curiosities in there.


Well, I suppose we do need an example of what NOT to do. Let’s see where this goes…

Oh, it’s the inappropriate flasher! Well, if you run several Q subs parallel to one another 24/7, it explains a few things…



Experiments are always welcome. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Even the most morally challenged scientist would not see what happens if they gave the nuclear launch codes to a toddler. Some experiments we know beforehand are not feasible.

Says the guy that hasn’t eaten in almost 4 months to discover his edge…


Are you running all of them at the same time?





That’s what I get out of the post. And now previous posts also make sense.

I too have 2 instances of VLC player open. They’re not both playing subs though.


Can you share with us what results you had?


I’m really interested for your results!!


Are you running the Q versions of all those Titles? And if so, have you been doing this for 90-days? In this case we’re you getting results and have you experienced reconciliation?


He disappeared to another dimension … probably will be back after another 90 days


There’s a fire that burns within him.


There are antibiotics for that.


Yes to me he is…
Why is this under questions when he doesn’t have a question lol :rofl::rofl::rofl:
It supposed to be under journal.


Look at his profile and his other journals lol weird AF. He is trolling so damn hard


I think we have too much time on our hands