2024 - to achieve the next level

This will be my 2024 journal, seems to be easier to put it separated by years instead of stacks, sometimes stacks change quicker than cycles should last…

Have made my goal workshop (pushed it forward the whole last year), finally found time for it. It is part of a Jim Rohn book. It is surprising that I have now my goals already ready for the year 2024. Was an exercise that was quicker than I thought.

Also the last few days (currently running Emperor: House of Medici) it was very easy for me to stay productive, to just do task after task without sitting on the couch, even some days I was tired and lower on energy but I was probably stuck in “machine action” and only in the evening I was going in “machine rest” mode.

Even today when I have some time off for myself and I can just do what I want, I did important things, getting things off my to do list. I don’t feel euphoria or big motivation, not really dopamine hike, I would describe it as a rational stoic feeling satisfaction if that makes sense.


Investment opportunities now to beat the S&P500 in 2024:


Last few days it was a lot easier for me to stay patient and relaxed with HoM, yesterday I listened again to a 3 min loop (running it every 3rd day, 1 day on, 2 days off) and today I lost my cool/patience again a bit.

I am for now happily running it solo to find out how it influences me, how it goes up and down, depending on when I listen to HoM.

"You cannot change your destination overnight. But you can change your direction." (Jim Rohn)


I have the feeling that with the rule of “change not more than one sub in your stack per cycle” I would expand it (at least for me) to introduce only one sub, means not starting with a stack of three but starting with one sub for a cycle then add the next one and with the third run you have a running stack of three instead of running those three from the beginning.

Just my observation and probably is only fitting for me.


„I take care of me for you so you can take care of you for me.“
Quote of the day

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Went through some rough days.
Work is not fun, Chet demotivated by the treatment and attitude from my boss. I know I shouldn’t care about that because it is outside of me and therefore it is my decision to be influenced by that…

Built a custom for that (inspired by @Lion):

  • wanted
  • Lovebomb
  • Lion IV
  • Total nonchalance
    And 6 other modules

Got outsmarted by the market, was thinking this time I make a better decision by not front running it and waiting for the official announcement and then go in, did that and then it fell a lot… still convinced of the investment so I won’t sell until investment thesis plays out or gets invalidated.

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I had the experience of other people finding mentors and by that having an unfair advantage compared to others.
How do I find mentors or similar minded people about investing in my area. Will HoM take care of that? Will Inner Circle help (means is it necessary to add that?)

Some other people in the past that were interested in finance are either skeptics now (talk everything down, to not lose anything and be right in the end while they lose out on great investment years like 2023), some don’t care about finance, stock market and saving anymore…

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Can understand you feel, bro. It’s okay. After a while, it will be fine.

Get yourself some chocolate and you will feel better. Also let go of the feeling. Forgiveness is powerful along with the decision to do better for yourself.

That would be a very good custom. Wanted + Love Bomb will surely help you.

Love Bomb will help you be treated very well everywhere including at work. And in case a few people treat you wrong, Total Nonchalance will take care of it.

Inner Circle would be good. Especially since it will help with different types of connections and mentors. Whether it be for work or dating.

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Adding Paragon for healing purposes.

So far my sub plan is to listen on Thursdays to W-LB and ETWTP and on Saturdays Paragon and the rest of the week free (listening times 3 min).

Want to keep away from overexposure while keeping constant growth by not over complicating things.

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So to document where those started on 2nd January
PayPal 62
Meta 345
Google 138

To beat SPY they should be up more than 10 percent compared to these prices

Ate enough unhealthy food and not enough exercise lately. I want to change that. Also have to find how much money I can spend on a healthy lunch for health purposes instead of saving that money… investing in my own health is also important. Paragon is only one small part of that.

So, since I have been talking with my good friend @Lion a few times I feel I am ready for a total breakdown and a reprogramming.
In the past I didn’t want to go through a possible 3 months of recon, unproductivity and uncertainty until I reach stage 2, but while I am still not that much looking forward to it, I know the only way forward is through it.

Started with a 3 min loop, will run 1 day on and two processing days and plan 3 cycles on stage 1. I would like to jump earlier to stage 2 but looking back at my life I see that I went through quite some bad situations and bad programming which hold me back, sometimes I see it consciously but probably more often than not I am not aware which negative programming just takes over and limits my choices to take action.

Also @RVconsultant could you please rename the thread to “2024 - next level: Khan”

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To write a little about my goals for this program:

  • to get rid of negative programming, limiting beliefs and traumas that hold me back (and while we all always want 100% gone I think a tremendous improvement would already be with 50% of the ones that hold me back the most)

  • to build real confidence, not talking about the one to talk others down to feel bigger, but to not give an f if I don’t want to, being able to selectively feel empathy but not being hindered in my choices or my confidence because someone else might feel triggered by it. Own myself 100% (and here I really want the one hundred percent!), own my choices, my actions, my walk and talk. No excuses, no bs.

  • to enjoy social connections more. Here again is a 50% target good enough because while at work I am energetic and sometimes feel like an extrovert in private I don’t want to know that many people, probably because most people have boring interests to me and therefore live a boring life for me and while some might say “ask that person something” then most of the time I either ask something that the other person won’t care about or I ask something which the other person is excited about but I will just wait until I can move out of that conversation. Maybe at one time Inner circle will align me with the right people but at the moment I am ok if I am a little bit more interested in the social game

  • self control and inner power I would like to build up. While other titles already made improvements I feel some stuff holding me back so I hope the first stage will clear that away so I can access my self control and inner power better

For the rest I don’t really have a goal, target or hopes, the rest is all bonus.

See you on the other side (not sure when my next entry will be, end of stage 1?)

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Didn’t expect to post anything, heck I was even thinking like “does it even work or am I doing something wrong”, but somehow different thoughts came to my mind, taking my blinders off to negative mindsets, limiting beliefs or reactions that I would like to let go off.
It is not a depressing feeling (yet), but something inside me is asking “is that really you, the you that you always wanted to be?”
It is not solving anything yet but moving it into the light and creating an openness to change, an awareness of the negative that I need to work on.


I am way more expressive, speaking up, speaking my mind the last few days (so not one occasion or just one day)

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Enjoying stage 1.
Really feels like it takes away programming (if we agree to call it like that) which is not helpful, cluttering or kind of “long time ago used programs running in the background taking resources”.

Note to myself:

Resistance within me manifests in a rush for short term pleasure over the long term happiness.

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Looking forward to finish this cycle and experience the washout.
For next cycle I take the recommendation from @Lion to add Sanguine (now upgraded, excited to try that one out) with stage 1 of Khan.

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Man! Perfect update timing for you! Awesome!

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Hit me again before the washout.
The day was good, but something inside me was getting worked upon and left me a bit depressive at the end of the day. Also had bad night sleep after running stage 1 in the evening, it seems to be best run in the day or in the morning.

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Was about to stop with stage 1, was already reading up stage 2 and preparing myself for reprogramming because something inside me said “I want to move further with the adventure” but also realizing I would like to add Khan Black to it and then I think it is best done with the same stage.

So the following 2 cycles with stage 1 of the new Khan I will use the Khan Black. Not sure I want to have a threesome stack (3 titles), probably not adding Sanguine right now.

Why Khan Black? Never did a full run, only first 2 cycles and I don’t want to waste energy, I want to use it supporting my lifestyle, going after my long term goals.

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