2024 million dollar ideas and convo

I’d like to open this thread as a conversation space for people who are ready to try to figure out a way to become millionaires by end of 2024. The theme of this conversation is Impossible Goals.
This is not a space to be “reasonable” or “logical”. This a space for people who are looking to test their limits by consciously trying to create at least a million dollar in 2024, whether they actually do it or not.
Let’s exchange ideas, tips and strategies to hit the seemingly impossible million dollar year.

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@Extraordinaire @Kyuss @Pyro other guys i think are interested and actually take action :slight_smile:


Idea on my mind lately has been to combine passion & purpose & market demand, start a digital presence all related to digital minimalism & personal development specifically. Can tie in business successes but not really looking to make a “business” channel. More like a personal development channel with the backing of authority from someone who’s been in business/sales successfully

Worst case scenario: I make a channel where I’m writing and researching topics I’m passionate about… not make any money but enjoy it lots

Best case; infinite


The first idea I’m thinking of is print on demand jewelry. The print on demand niche is highly saturated but jewelry is still a bit of a blue ocean. Most people are not building brands yet, they’re just throwing mud to the wall and then scaling whatever sticks. I believe a brand built around a cause or a large community with some smart marketing has a million dollar potential.

mine is starting a software app that solves a huge problem

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Can you see yourself turn that into a million dollar biz in 2024?

yup absolutely 1M in revenue for sure.

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One thing I really respect about Iman Gadzhi is he really emphasizes profit, not just revenue numbers. I don’t know about his program but this is what he emphasizes in his inner circle.

So, don’t calculate 1m revenue. That doesn’t matter. What’s profit? Revenue is for ego profit is for satisfaction.


Love the idea of this thread! My outrageous millions dollar goal is to earn that through created a history and fantasy lore media company.

So far my action is working on my podcast at night. Not monetizing yet but building a library of media while building my followers.

I do have Patreon, but have no subscribers yet. Not too worried.


I really like this. That’s what we all should strive for.

Easier said than done, though. (Especially here)

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This was exactly my idea a few years ago together with Shopify.
And just two days ago I opened an Etsy store with Printify to sell a different product.

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Wasn’t there a similar thread recently?
I only remeber, that it went down pretty fast when the OP mentioned online gambling as his strategy without clarifying that he doesn’t plan to gamble himself :joy:

Profit margins for software companies are like 90-95% excluding employee money, but hopefully profit should be anywhere between 30-60K after all expenses paid

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An app for a market that’s saturated with low to medium quality products, for a cheaper price than the competitors, luring on potential customers by giving away free digital product and having a killer marketing strategy.

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Here is my perspective on this if you’re offering more quality, charge way more than your competition does. Especially if you have a killer marketing strategy. You’ll quickly find out that money isn’t the real reason why people aren’t buying.


Yes you’re right, I probably will eventually.

The real money maker is going to be the physical products I will sell once the user subscribes for a nominal amount.

Though you are right, I probably will raise the price after a month or two as a test.

@EsctasyOfGold : Or maybe just price high and stay high so you won’t have to justify the price increase after a month. It’s better to give them the app for free (trial period) for a month or so then charge high than sell it to them and go through the pain of justifying the price increase.

People unconsciously associate quality with high prices. If you charge anywhere close to what your competition is charging despite offering more quality, your buyers will perceive your product as of equal quality to your competition. From there, any price increase will require additional marketing in order to justify it.

If you know you’re really offering more quality than others, do yourself a favor, start high and stay high.


Hmmm. Interesting point.

What I will do is offer it to a small sample group for the original discounted price, get feedback from them, and if they feel like the quality is better than most other competitors, I will likely charge a lot more.

But you’re right, pricing high will equal a higher perceived quality.

Thanks for the advice

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Or you could grandfather the early adopters price.

I still have ThriveThemes with 25€/ month with full access. Can’t remember how many years I’ve had it. Still in use.


Similar thread, different people :wink:

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