2023 The Dragon Reborn Journey

I had been using Primal ZP & Ascension for pretty much the last year and a half. No big external results to say about running them. I feel like healing is where I should have started my journey and I had been on the fence on running DR for a long time now but put it off due to feeling like I would be taking steps backwards doing so and because if it was like the other subs I’ve run then it would do nothing for me externally.

I feel this is where my journey needs to be at. Full on merciless healing.

I will be running this all of 2023 and will run st1 and St2 for 4 ZP cycles to really get the purifying and cleansing aspect of DR

I don’t switch subs very easily so for me to make this switch is because I thought long and hard about it

What ultimately led to me deciding to run DR is because although it’s a healing sub it also seems to be an empowering Ascension like Sub so it’s healing + strengthening.

I have just ran 1 loop of ST 1 for 7 minutes

Will run every 3 rd day up until my washout

My first impression of DR is that not long after my loop I felt this intense energy coursing through my body it feels pretty good to be honest. Very similarly to a body high after smoking some cannabis.

I have now fully took on the journey of Dragon Reborn. Let’s see what surprises await me in the upcoming year.


Absolute respect for those who commit to full time healing.


A year and no big breakthrough running those two subliminals together…dam…

I know it’s frustrating. I wasn’t taking massive action but I I taking action yet the blockages persisted. I’ll hop on those 2 after DR to see if they hit different in 2024

Yeah the lack of action is most likely the culprit for no results, good luck with your new routine .

I was taking action nothing over the top crazy but I was taking action,the results were just never earth shattering. To be fair to Subclub there was some results I couldn’t deny but they would appear once and then fade away they never got to a level where they were consistent.

Anywho thanks for the encouragement

Rest day:

Today is the day after my first loop of DR St1 and I gotta say I’m digging it so far. Could be the initial excitement my subconscious is feeling to introducing it to a new sub. Felt grounded on this one loop.

It felt more Ascension like than Ascension itself. Not sure if it’s because of blockages beginning to clear up that can open the huge dam and release all the power that I gained while running Ascension and Primal.

I’m really trying to consciously guide the sub so that the time I spent on Ascension and Primal doesn’t dissolve away. I want whatever I acquired from to stick with me during my run on DR.

Feel pretty exhausted though but that’s nothing new after a long day at work


It’s because of ZPv2.

It’s just so much better than ZPv1, whenever I run a loop of a ZPv1 sub I don’t even want to continue anymore lol. It just feels like absolute trash after experiencing the power of ZPv2.

I am almost borderline repulsed by subs in ZPv1, and trust me I’m not being extreme.

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I don’t have previous versions to compare this too but I know what you mean my experience wasn’t ideal on V1 for the other subs.

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Rest day #2

I had to get up earlier than usual because I needed to go on a tour to check out the new apartment I will be living in.

My relationship has ended and I’m officially single again

For some reason I felt heightened fear and anxiety that wasn’t really present yesterday or before.

When I greeted the woman at the leasing office I could tell in my voice I was nervous and mind you I didn’t find her attractive, yet I felt this shakiness in my voice that was apparent when I spoke to her.

I could feel I was emotionally and mentally weaker than usual today.

Must be recon. Nothing new on this. my experience with subs here has been 90 % recon and 10% noticeable results.

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Rest day

I’m noticing heightened feelings of anger and anxiety. The anxiety I’m experiencing comes in strong waves and then calms down for a bit.

Also noticing that some of the anxiety I’m having is coming out in the form as excitement and fear at the same time. Honestly this is a type of feeling I don’t normally go through.

Only thing that comes in mind is that in about a week I will be moving out and living on my own for pretty much the first time in my life. It’ll be the first time in my life where I will feel the pressures of bills to keep a roof over my head. I’ve paid bills at this point in my life but they have been for things that would not leave me on the street if I failed to pay.

So transitioning to a point in my life where now I have to pay rent to survive is where I believe my excited anxiety is coming from and DR is just magnifying what I’m feeling.

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I’m not sure if it’s because I have dropped Ascension and Primal that my head is more clearer and overall feeling more positive due to maybe me executing the script now and perhaps I was overloaded


This may be the best sub I have run to date. My conversations with people yesterday were more exciting. I feel calm and poised like I’m capable of almost anything.

I hope it’s not coming from Ascension because now that I have dropped it these effects may fade as I go through my journey. It happened when I dropped Khan for Ascension and Primal which is why I’m concerned these effects will fade aswell.

Either way I know full on healing is what I need to be doing and alot of people don’t see it as fun but there’s just something about this sub that’s special.

I read the objectives every day and I can’t help but feel pumped at what awaits me.

My only regret is not listening to this sub a long time ago.

I’m noticing that I get the most “results” from healing subs last time I got something like this was CFW.

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Been slightly more exhausted than I have been used to. Could be the subs energy requirements or my poor eating habits. Or both

The calmness is so apparent at the moment. There’s an air of nonchalance and calmness in my Aura that I can’t write off.

Noticing people staring at me from a distance.

Only time will tell what created this shift. So far it feels like DR is clearing up the blockages that were present and not allowing the subliminals I ran in the past to flow through me.

Feels like a floodgate is being opened and my power is unleashing to those around me. I’m sensitive to these kinds of things and I can tell people are sensing that shift


Rest day.

I’m still going through an increase in fatigue… At this point I’m fully convinced it’s due to running DR.

Whenever I’m in solitude it hits different than before. What I mean by that is normally when I’m in solitude I reflect on life and choices I have made. Usually this leads to inner growth and its a slow gradual growth for me. On this subliminal my connection to what I refer as my higher self is stronger and almost feels like the growth that will come from this strengthened connection to be accelerated.

I understand Subliminal Club works hard and is constantly moving forward and aiming to improve everyday. My only complaint is on how when new users come here and have absolutely no idea what sub to run they have to experiment to see which one they should run and this kind of experimenting can take a long time.

I wish there was some sort of questionnaire one can take whenever they are unsure of what sub to use that can help the user pinpoint where to start their journey.

Also something stating for example "If you’re this kinda person and struggle with ___ then you shouldnt run this go for ____ instead.

I went from Khan to Ascension + Primal and now to Dragon Reborn when this whole time I should have run a healing stack then DR and I would have probably got more out of my current 2 years and 2 months journey with the company.

Overall this sub is definitely taking me on a deeper than usual inner journey to understand myself a whole lot better. Feels good knowing that I’m finally running a sub that I really need at the present moment rather than what I would want to be running.


Rest day

Continued Fatigue. Now I’m beginning to see what other DR users meant when they stated exhaustion running this.

I have been noticing that people are approaching me more to make conversation.

Interesting to see how this healing may potentially open up manifestation for previous subs I was running like Ascension,Khan,and Primal Seduction.

Overall feeling slightly more positive

The more and more I run this sub the more and more I appreciate it and the work it is performing under the surface.

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Was supposed to run a loop today but forgot to do so. So I will listen to a loop when I get home from work in the morning.

I’m noticing that effects I should have been seeing when running Ascension,Primal,Khan etc. They are coming to the surface now on my run with DR.

Calmness is still evident. When I go to recon it comes in the form of frustration and anger.

Had stares from some women. Like I said results that I should have seen on previous subs I used. Internally when this happened my thoughts were " I could care less if this person is attracted to me" This natural internal reaction was big for me because it’s telling me my focus is going on to bigger things that doesn’t involve chasing skirts.

It’s still too early to say but DR is starting to become my favorite sub. The healing and strengthening is reason why I may run each stage for 6 months but I would have to think hard about this decision I may do it for ST1 & ST2 if I do.

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Took another day off to rest my subconscious.
Last time I listened to a loop was on the 3rd so this will be my 5th rest day.

On this journey I will most likely take longer rest periods in between loops to make sure I don’t overload.

Yet again today I am engaging with people more and having more conversations throughout my day. My sense of humor and wit has increased and I’m not sure how I can even credit DR for this since these results don’t align with the script.
If any others are reading this part I would like your input on why I’m seeing results on DR that I should have seen from running previous subs.

Only thought that comes is the blockages being removed due to healing and now my subconscious is bringing forth the results. If this part is true then that means Healing may just be an essential starting point for some users. Primarily people with poor social skills,angry individuals,people with trauma. Broken individuals should not start running alpha titles or Seduction titles in my opinion until they have healed.

If I could do my journey all over again I would have started with regeneration and rebirth then maybe have tried DR if I felt able.

Although I’m healing I don’t feel like crap compared to previous healing subs I’ve ran in the past.

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Ran 1 loop on Friday (7 minutes)

I can feel some of the recon was present. I felt vulnerable and mentally weak for the most part on Friday. Seems like the deep work is starting to begin.

Can’t say much about this day as I don’t really have much to report other than recon and a heightened sense of fear in things I’m afraid. I recognize it’s the recon and have to let it pass.

Currently on a washout and will start my 2nd ZP cycle of DR ST1 Tomorrow.

I gotta say this has been probably the most satisfied I’ve been running a Subliminal Club sub. Just comes to show that in this journey of running subliminals patience and running what is needed rather than what you want is the far superior path to choose.

I’m not much of a Cryer but I found myself being emotional about things on some days alot easier. The tears that I cried were not tears of pain but rather from intense love towards the individuals I was feeling emotional to.

It has been a week since I moved into my apartment and living on my own and I’m currently going through a breakup but I don’t feel any pain or distress from it.

I am currently living alone and in a new city but as alone as I am at the moment I don’t feel in any way lonely. I’m embracing this solitude

I have rekindled my relationship with my family to whom I hadn’t really spoken to in years.

I’m noticing that I’m more pleasurable to be around. It almost seems like when I’m in the presence of others they seem to pick up good vibes from me.

I’m sure I missed some things and wish I had written them down as I experienced them but I was too busy with moving and other things that required my immediate attention but I gotta say this sub is by far my best experience .

Rest day.

2nd ZP ST1 cycle began on Christmas day

Running one loop followed by 3 days of rest has been my sweet spot during my Dragon Reborn journey. Don’t have the desire to switch subs,this has never really been an issue for me. Only time I switch subs is when I have realized it’s not the ideal sub for me to be running.

Something about this sub just hits home to me. I knew from the moment ZP came out that I needed to do healing but being as stubborn as I am I chose to go with what I wanted to run not what I needed. My biggest regret since coming to sub club is not going straight for healing the moment I got involved here.

No point in dwelling in the past I’m just finally glad I found the sub that will take me to the next level and really I haven’t found the sub too taxing nor crippling Recon.

It’s been about 2 weeks since I moved into my apartment and living on my own and I have been more disciplined in habits I found hard to be disciplined in when I was living with my in laws before. I can’t really credit this to the sub because I knew staying disciplined would become easy once I moved out. I’m cooking at home and not eating out since I moved out. At my inlaws it was near impossible to do any cooking and avoid takeout because there was never enough space. All that has changed since I moved in my apartment and I knew it would be like this as soon as I moved in so like I said can’t be due to the sub.

Solitude feels really nice to me. Even better than before now this is something that I can credit to the sub because In the past I would struggle with feeling lonely that hasn’t been the case since I began running DR.

Overall I’m eating healthier,juicing 2-3 times a day alternating Kale,Swiss Chard,Collard Greens,Spinach.
I’ve been supplementing with American Ginseng and Shen building herbs to further assist in my current energy building goal.

Started meditating again and plan on making this a daily ritual upon waking up.

Started supplementing with Haritaki capsules for dreams and 3rd eye awakening.

Continuing to DCA into my favorite cryptos and will likely unload the majority of my capital when crypto bottoms sometime in 2023.

Will be buying large amounts of

Near Protocol
Cult Dao(high risk)

I have officially decided I will be completing 6 ZP Cycles of ST 1 before I move onto ST2…
Haven’t decided if I’ll do the same with ST2 but likely will.

Once I complete the entire DR subliminal entirely I will make sure I dedicate an entire winter every year to running the first 2 stages