10 modules vs 20 modules in a custom

What’s the difference between using 10 modules vs 20 modules in a custom? Having 10 modules only would mean they would be twice stronger (in theory) than 20 modules?

no, you will receive the same amount of input from every model or core
no matter if you have 10,11,12, or 20.

in GENERAL, More modules means they will likely take longer for the effects and results to come
if your extra models are results enhancers, it will still take longer but when the results start coming -they will be-well enhanced.
The exception being if certain modules have a profound synergy fro you personally results could potentially come just as fast

So less modules and cores means faster results generally with a narrower focus
More modules and cores-whether results enhancers or diversity-means stronger and more widespread results throughout different areas

More modules usually means more reconciliation as well

This is not official but from everything I’ve read and experienced–seems to be the case.


I agree with @Azriel. The difference is more in how long it takes your mind to deeply process and integrate the information.

In June, I bought two customs each with twenty modules. I’d say I got benefits from the very beginning, but now, 2 months later, I’m starting to somehow feel it more clearly.

I’m definitely in the ‘wait longer for a larger return’ camp. Just got to make sure not to take that too far. Otherwise, could end up like a Ferrari in a traffic jam.


What technology did you implement into your customs? Terminus?

I myself did 20 modules with Terminus. IMHO, I would recommend it due to:

  • Having more room for boosters, if anything
  • Saving time (2 10-module subs vs 1 20-module sub if both focus on the same topic)
  • More likely to come up with interesting synergies between the modules since the count is higher

Of course, it can take longer. However, for very quick results I would simply recommend using one of the premade subs—a more attractive choice once name-embedding becomes default—to prove to you that the general idea of your sub has merit (that is, if you are utilizing that sub as a core in your custom).

Build Strength is Terminus.

I don’t think Terminus is intrinsically better or worse than anything else.

I would use whatever works. I’ve used all three build strengths and found that, for me, Terminus felt the most direct (at that time, anyway). I’ll switch build strengths again if that seems to change.

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Could you expand on your experience with this?

I get the gist of what @Malkuth is saying. Today was my first loop of my terminus-strength custom and throughout the rest of the day I’ve been getting reminded here and there about certain content related to the modules I put in. Such as believing that failure does not exist in my timeline (Natural Winner), or that I should not worry if I am seen, it doesn’t matter because I have an unconditional love (Blue Skies), or that I have the ability to focus very well (QLQ). The present moment is great (EGO ADSUM), I shouldn’t waste time on BS like PMO (PoMaQ).

I believe the name-embedding aspect is very underrated, especially when combined with the build strength. Now will I be present enough to get through The Power of Now? Let’s find out.


Oh man, that’s awesome. So glad you’re experiencing these initial benefits. My sister calls stuff like that ‘driftwood’. As you swim or sail along a stream and get closer to a submerged ship, you’ll see gradually larger pieces of flotsam and jetsam drifting past. They are a sign of what you’re approaching.

@anon52452268. It was pretty straightforward. Used pre-Q builds for many months, then used Q builds for a couple months (I think). Then added in Stark Terminus and felt like ‘oh! I’m hearing the music now.’

Who is under-rating that?! It’s freaking pivotal. I thought people were valuing it quite highly.

Anyway, agree with you.

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I agree there. Name embedded Qs definitely hit harder than non name embedded Qs.

How about your real name?

Ask yourself, what name do you feel like you identify with more at this point? Use that to decide the name for the sub. It is worth its own discussion :slight_smile: Fun fact, Saint literally uses “Saint Sovereign” as the name for his customs!


I’ve tried to figure this one out :joy:
hopefully you can get more clarity on it than me
I couldn’t get any answers other than go with what name you most identify with
and in doubt-go with your original name, as you’ve been called that growing up and your subconscious will identify with it.

My custom has my full length name which I never use, but felt it would hit deeper. I though about having a different name in my custom for my second one but decided to stick to the same name. I think that name just get’s your attention

Like Voytek, Voytek, can you hear me Voytek, your results are improving exponentially Voytek

We don’t know for sure that’s not his birth name

he could have been built in a lab to create human potential advancing technology.

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If you would turn your head when hearing someone say it, you’re good. Beyond that, just go with your feeling.

We all have many names. Just as houses have many doors. Long as one is open, you can get inside.


How about compering a 20 modules custom with let’s say Stark. Is the custom much more powerful than a single title?

Yep. Name embedded at the least


I almost never get reconciliation from my custom.
Once I’ve reached my mental limit on regular subs, I can always run the custom
and it goes down smooth.

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I feel the heaviness of my custom so far, but I haven’t really had hard reconciliation symptoms yet. Fairly impressed with the technology!

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Which technology are you using and what’s your routine?