1 year Emperor complete custom

I ordered a custom and i will use it and only it until 2024.
I swear i will not change programs and i will commit to it.

The custom:
Emperor: House of medici
Power can corrupt
Deep sleep
The forge

I already got results from emperor and hom, didnt got the custom yet.


Wow, there’s zero fat on this. It’s really just the three cores with result enhancement modules.

I’m interested in what are your goals with this custom?


Im only interested in the cores, and because i had to choose 7 more modules, i chose results enhancers.

My goals are:

  • Make (atleast) 10k$ a month independently
  • Attract and manifest a high value network of people and friends
  • Build a harem/Manifest girlfriends
  • Increase my ability to connect with people (im very bad at it but hom already is helping)
  • Become fearless and confident
  • Remove all limit, so i truly believe everything is possible
  • Become a strategic mastermind
  • Become a social mastermind
  • Become authentic and conguent
  • Improve my family connection and influence them to be healthy and succesfull

And many more goals.


This is very inspiring. No bullshit here, and clear objectives :smiley:

I’ll be following this journal with keen interest :eyes: :blush:

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Below is a list of my life stats so my progress can be tracked easily.

700$ per month
Working at a shop

Strenght (kg):
Squat 60x5
Deadlift 65×5
Bench press 50x5
Barbell row 50x5
Overhead press 30x5

Absolute 0 (virgin)

Good friends: 3

Important connections: 0

Might come up with more stats on the journy, also im happy to hear ideas.


Is your goal to like sleep with as many with as possible?

What are you doing pro actively to meet women?


My goal is do have multiple girlfriends.

Currently im not doing much for the goal, going up to a girl and hitting on her seems impossible.

But emperor and hom are helping with that, i noticed that at the shop o start convorsetions with costumers more both genders.

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But yes another goal is to sleep with loads of woman, get a lot of experience.

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Now that’s one limiting belief to have :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Don’t worry @Viking, with that name and that custom, you will look back at this one year from now and have a good laugh :100: :smiling_imp:


Im sure i will laugh about it

This is im taking it to rhe next level


Look worst thing that can happen is you take your shot and you get denied

Actually the worst case is if you don’t shoot your shot bc then you regret it and you will always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

So take a shot, go up to the hot women, comment on something noticeable like what they are wearing or their features like eyes or something like that

Don’t think about it too much just do it…. The more you think about it the more your ego will push you to not say anything


Thanks bro solid advice

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I’ve never read any of that approach stuff or looked at videos it just always came natural for me.

But like best way to start a convo with anyone is to compliment them in some way especially women. Also with women try to be different, think outside the box when you are about to approach them, take a look at them, be aware of them and their features. Sometimes my best hit ups were approaching and just saying hey I really like your necklace or that watch or w/e is really nice or pretty or you have a radiant glow about you.

Girls love compliments especially if its different from what they usually hear.

Also women love confidence which is why I have the fuck it attitude because worst case they deny me but Atleast I tried … cockiness is usually an instant turn off for women


Im also trying to just have fun and be myself during conversations woth woman, and its much better than talking to them and thinking “how to i fuck them”


I absolutely agree with that plus a lot of women can just sense that about someone if they just wanna fuck.


You don’t have to do all that lol.

Emperor will probably just manifest partners because it has that objective.

“Romance, ROMANCE, ROMANCE! And sex, of course. Enjoy being able to choose between multiple romantic partners :wink:

However, be prepared to take action on potential opportunities or nudges. Also, expect to get recon based around that area of your life if you have detrimental blocks/fears/limiting beliefs/societal programming, etc. They get reconciled if they’re preventing you from experiencing that reality.


How does it manifest?
Like i can be about my business and just manifest woman that are attracted to me? Or what?

Also i do notice recon around woman sometimes, when i use emperor im thinking “yes i can get any woman i want” and after sometime it change to “i will never have a girlfriend”

But thanks to the recon i know this is being taken care of by emperor.


Don’t worry about whether or not the objective will manifest.

Don’t worry about the “how”. When you’re worrying about how it will manifest, you’re emitting a feeling where you can’t manifest it unless you understand how it’s going to happen. Your reality then gives you confirmation and nothing happens.

Read that like 5 times. This is an advanced manifesting concept.

Leave the details up to the universe and your subconscious mind. When you let go like that, you are putting trust in them, which allows the objective to manifest.

You asking “how does it manifest” is the equivalent of asking a repair technician how he’s going to fix your broken mobile device.


So basically live my life like im not using subliminals.

Thanks bro.

So while waiting for my custom i decided to already start a self improvment channel, already uploaded 2 videos.