0 - 10 Million - Sayian4blue’s EoG Journal

It’s time for complete & utter Financial freedom. Time for becoming fluent in the language of money. Time to for the ultimate challenge….

My goal is 10 million dollars…
My time frame is 5 years starting today…

I am making a very bold clam for the world to see… firstly and mostly for myself

My real goal is to be the man who operates at an ever expanding 100% efficency! Someone who will do whatever it takes, someone who doesn’t comprehend the word impossible, someone unbreakable by struggles, hardships and defeat.

The money is merly the visible and tangable side effect of being this man. I want to reach every limit and surpass every limit… I want to be a Legend… not by name… but by what one human can create and form.

Subliminals + journal + action = success

1: This is why i am making this journal
2: I will fully commit to this goal for the next 5 years and this journal will keep me accountable. I will post at least once a week.
3: This journal and it’s collectable data will serve as data mine for the enhancment of future subliminals ( wealth related & otherwise )


A: This journal will be personal. How i make the money will not be the main focus but rather what i do with my time, thoughts, focus and feelings.
B: I will be 100% honest in every post.
C: While I will keep to my promise, i will only post/update/answor with whatever i choose to.
D: Ecstasy Of Gold will be the Core of this journey. Unless a superior wealth-multistage subliminal is introduced.
E: No cotume subliminals before the 1st million.
F: If and when there will be an oppertunity to test new wealth-related subliminals, publicly or privatly, I may do so.
G: I am here to learn and grow just as much as everyone. I will gladly take advice and answor questions.
H: When i hit the 10 Million mark, I will hang out with @SaintSovereign and he will award me with an exclusive costume badge ” The Super Sayian ”

With that out the way here is where i am starting…

At ground zero. I have some money saved up and i am finally free to pursue this journey starting with the bare minimum.

I will be operating using this module

1: Plan & Organize: This will be an ongoing process of planning and organizing every aspect avaialible in order to maximise results.

2: Work & Learn: This will be the bread an butter, the ham and burger… the ability to work, learn and focus for up to 12 hours +

3: Rest & Contemplate: This means 7 hours of sleep whenever possible unless it interfiers with Work & Learn. I will also meditate and explore the mind and the world for at least 30 hours a day.

Now that the process is laid out, which is subject to change, i will mainly focus on instilling the habits & mindsets neccary for this goal to be possible. The methods of achieving this goal is through entrepreneurialism, Deals and Investments!

Current stack

Monday: EoG stage 2 + Limitless
Tuesday: None
Wednsday: Legacy of the Spartian
Thursday: None
Friday: EoG stage 2 + R.I.C.H
Saturday: None
Sunday: Ascension Chamber

  • Ecstasy Of Gold is the main subliminal for this journey. I will be running it’s stages as many times as i seem fit.

  • Limitless is the second most important sub for now. The brain buffs will be essencial especially in the first year.

  • Legacy Of the Spartain because it’s the only physical shifting sub in the mix, while i hope it wont derail the others, i am really enjoying my results with it at the gym. I may replace it with an Unfolding sub in the future

  • R.I.C.H is a filler sub for now. I want it for the smooth start before at least Stage 3 of EoG. I may or may not replace it with Power Can Corrupt or House of Medici.

  • Ascension Chamber because it’s a booster ( duh )

Why not Emperor Black? Because i dont’t want to be sub-reliant. I want the ability to work 12+ to be my new baseline… If i ever want to enter ” Monk Mode ” it will only be after i am fully able to obey myself.

Why 4 subliminals instead of 3? Because after years of expermenting i found this stack which i ran earlier with Stage 1 EoG to be great for me at the moment.

Now the actual posts will be as follows: Today i worked x hours. I felt like x or x. I achieved x or i failed x. I learned x and i want to improve x. I realised this or that etc. As for the amount, i will mention every 100 000 milestone.



Killer stack! Definitely following.
Maybe you’ll create the first Financial Monstrosity


LET’S GO! :fireworks:


GOLDEN so excited

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Going to be following this.

Don’t know if my skillset is helpful for you, but ask away.

I’m in process of scaling the family business from the current 1,4 million € to 10. Plan is to hit the running rate of 10m in 26-28 months.


Some quick suggestions that would help…

  1. I’ve found out recently that you’re actually supposed to run AC right after your stack to maximize results. I’m not sure how “official” this is, but from a results stand point and a stack schedule stand point, it’s been really helpful for me to make the switch.
  1. If you want cognition boosts for wealth, RoM would be a much better fit than limitless
  1. Just in reading the forum I do notice that physical shifting subs (LoTS) really detract from wealth results. Personal preference, but you mentioned you “hope” that it doesn’t interfere with results. It very well might. If you’re gonna run it, it does have really helpful health & relaxation benefits but maybe try running it less than your other subs.

1st Update: I am currently taking a break from working ( mostly learning ) after 4 hours of focus. It’s a humble beginning but I am damn proud. My legs, arms and abs are still sore so no workouts so I went on an 1 hour walk around a beautiful nearby lake. While walking I was letting my mind go wild and brainstormed some good idea’s. I will be doing that with my free time. I’ve also started noting what’s going through my head during the day and especially while working.

Plan & Organize: I’ve created a 1 year plan that aligns with my long-term goals. In the process I felt uncomfortable and overwhelmed. My mind want’s everything to be in place despite knowing that taming the inner and outer chaos is exactly what’s needed. This discomfort reminded me of how I used to feel back when I struggled approaching’s girls. My mind kept looking for " outs " and putting it off. Do it later, do it tomorrow or my worst enemy " LeTs Do SoMetHIng ElsE THat loOKs liKE Iam tAKinG aCtion " instead of actually doing it.

I have done lots of things that seemed impossible and hard before. Far more than the average guy but the only area I’ve yet to master is myself when it comes to productivity and money! I know I can do it. My old way of breaking through was always when my back was against the wall. I am the master of leveraging pain/anger into action but unless I master myself I will always be reliant on pain/anger and It’s a damn miserable self-fulfilling prophecy. So I calmed down and imagine a black hole sucking away all the pointless chatter and came to a realization.

There is no perfect start especially when starting something brand new. There is only " Start " and learn along the way. That’s how I created a short-term plan that looks and feels far better than the imagined " perfect plan " I was hoping a version of me would " magically create ". This does sound familiar! doesn’t it? This will happen to me again and again x1000 and in order to reach my goal. I only need to deal with it every time until it becomes an after thought.

Work & Lean: I did put this off for so long now already like mentioned earlier. As I am currently on my break after 4 hour work/learn. The same hesitation kicked in. I am currently designing a website to sell the products which will be the base of this empire. As I am struggling and making small progress, I am humbled. My mind is screaming " It’s too much, do it tomorrow… It’s overwhelming " as per usual when starting something new. But slowly I calmed down and told myself that I have to earn it everyday and this level of discomfort Is exactly where I need to be. Interesting enough, I realized that the true fear is the fear of success. I’ve doubled down on my old failing strategy of " There is always tomorrow " so so many times I am afraid of succeeding and telling myself " Imagine how much further I could have went If I started earlier? ". It’s like I am hellbent on proving that I am a victim so I don’t disappoint a previous " me " who believed it at one point.

I realize now that my ability to proactively deal with discomfort itself is in direct proportion of the success.

Then again, reminding myself of everything I’ve been through… Doing this 12 hours + is childsplay. The only catch is to unleash the same resolve despite not having my back against the wall. 1st post done

Thanks @Palpatine and @RVconsultant. @Hoppa I will gladly take you up on that offer when I am ready. Right now I am a novice learning to walk with the goal of competing against Ultra Marathon runners. @ouroboros thanks for the suggestions! I’ve checked your Valuable Posts and found some great gold-nuggets. I will definitely use Ascension Chamber after the Monday stack! Also RoM was the Unfolding sub I was about to include. Still I will continue using Limitless since I have to be wary of the habit of Sub-Hopping and until I know my way around website development and management. As for LoTs I don’t think I am emotionally strong enough to drop it :joy: Then again I could simply do a 5 min loop instead.


Not really an update but something intresting came up. I was just outside taking my ususal ” enthusiastic ” walk and i was thinking about and reading on the description of Revelation Of Mind.

Suddenly and out of nowhere i started feeling waves of plesant sensations circulating my body and mind. My nose airways cleared up like never before, my body was experiancing tingles of pleasure everywhere… almost like the first time i tried an energy drink at 16 but far more intence and my mind is crystal clear.

I have no clue what this is or if it even has a cause. I can’t even begin to understand how and why

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Pre-results or internal guidance
ROM is your future.

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2nd Update: It’s been really tough. It feels like I am surgically removing years worth habits in such a short time and my will power is being tested. With the plan already in motion all I can give my full focus to

Work & Learn: I can consistently manage 6 hours now of uninterrupted work but the quality is not the best. Instead if picking up the phone or distracting myself with something, I find myself zoning put for short periods of time. My mind/emotions are mixed between ” I want quick-dopamine and this is the right path ”.

Rest & Contemplate: When I am not working I am proactively shutting down ” Words ” in my brain. I try to quiet my mind as much as possible. While meditating, I found myself imagining my inner world as quiet and still. Whatever is in there is not helping the current me reach my goals.

” To be extraordinary you have to do extraordinary things ”

Something along the line of this quote started affecting me. If i can quiet my mind for as much as possible, as long as possible then I can create the space necessary for to be someone who can achieve my goals. That is the first step, to quiet the inner world filled with what is normal in every person.

But the normal person can’t be who I want to be and achieve what I want to achieve. Beyond that I am not quite sure but I know that i fill find the answers along the way.

Although I have an idea. I can’t just be a monk/robot. I have intense emotions which I plan to channel in the right way. What is the right way? Only time can tell.

@Azriel Interesting! I’m really thinking about replacing LoTs with RoM. This week will be rest/washout. Haven’t had one since I started using Paragon.


3rd Update: After stumbling upon this, I’ve started working with medium challenging tasks first and what do you know. I have been working for 7 hours and I am having so much fun.


I am still zoning out here and there but it’s far better than before especially considering I am in the process of creating systems which once perfected, could be replicated with easily and efficiently. Another thought came to mind when I remembered a conversation I had with rich man long time ago. He said somethings along the lines of " The start is the hardest yet the most exciting " I then asked but isn’t making money also fun? he responded with " It’s mostly fun until it no longer supplies the dopamine hits which will be numbed in time, only to feel good again when you make larger amounts and then the process is repeated "

Edit: The ease of productivity could also be a result of the 4 days washout since Friday. It could also be " pre results " which is a thing now I suppose from me reading the RoM sales page. And yes I purchased it, don’t know when Ill use it yet.


4th Update: Still working long hours. Almost cracked 10 hours today. Funny enough I am suddenly being invited for meetups, drinks and by gf far more often compared to 2 weeks ago.

Work & Learn: I quickly realized that all the open tabs, editing and listing of products is made 5 times slower with only one monitor. I NEED to get another one ASAP because it’s such a chore to open and close tabs all the time. Also recently found out that an old neighbor of mine, whom I helped lots of time, has a son who is quite the genius when it comes to design, sales, hacking and many other computer related things. I remember that kid when he was very young and he was very awkward and is on some sort of mental spectrum. I found out, from his father, that he makes over 20K dollars a month and from many online avenues. His father even went so far as to say that he was recently contacted by a famus footballer to design/make a website for him.

So his father offered that he would let his son do the website for me instead. All he asked for was basic information and told me to wait few days. Something about that rubbed me off the wrong way. I know that the father is not a Lier. The kids parents are practically retired because of of him and they are living very well. What rubbed me off is the fact that a genius like that exist. A teenager like that could make so much money, hack almost any website if he chose to. I felt powerless. I also learned two valuable lessons!
1: Being able to pivot and change course. My goal was to slowly work on the website myself but saying no to a genius is a mistake that I wont make. Despite how invested and passionate I was about making it on my own.
2: I will be meeting and hearing about far too many people who far exceed me in any particular skill/s. My path remains the same regardless. Work hard and grow for as long as it takes. Someone out there who is better is not an insult to my humble efforts. Because it’s my journey and I sure as fuck have no clue about theirs.

Rest & Contemplate: When it comes to sleep I really need to make a healthy and stable routine. I do sleep 7 hours+ everyday but it’s inconsistent. Remembering last year where I slept from 9 pm to 4 am for over three months and I felt far better. I ordered cordyceps capsules few days ago courtesy of @Deadpool and tried them out today for the first time. Right now working feels as natural and effortless as if I was playing video games which I used to do a lot. I played league of legends, modded Minecraft and modded Skyrim while listening to audiobooks. ( Gold II one trick Pyke abuser btw ).
When it comes to meditating I never followed any particular style or methods except for the pure basics. I let my instincts take over and quickly found myself doing 20 min meditations following this formula.

Start: I take 100 deep breathes. 4 seconds inhale and 4 seconds exhale. What goes in my mind is the complete elimination of words. Stillness is the goal. After the 100 deep breathes I get into some sort of an altered state which I do not know the name of. It’s similar to the state right before falling asleep where I can easily and vividly imagine things. At that point I instinctively found myself doing the following. I imagine my whole bode slowly fading into transparent energy of dim orange color which I consider as my aura or life force. I then imagine the aura turning pitch black and and a bright orange ring around my solar plexus radiates with bright power and light. It pulsates around my body as if traveling through the veins. Right above the solar plexus an infinity symbol with neon/rainbow colors emerges symbolizing the body and soul rejuvenate itself with infinite life force. After that I imagine my energy enveloping my apartment and then extend beyond from a bird eyes view and further extending until it envelops/shrouds the entire plant. At that point I merge with the world and my will is reflected upon it. Once connected with the world, I start imagining myself waking up in a very big bed with the sun shining from the windows. I start walking towards the window and see the world 1000 meters high from an expensive apartment and then look back and see 4 naked sleeping beauties with their underwear/s all over the bed. I then check my bank balance and see 10 000 000 plus in my bank account. When that’s done I re-connect with the world from that place and shout so loud it echo’s through out the universe with fierce emotion calling back to me from the other side and telling me how amazing it is and how thankful I am for doing what I did to get me there. Almost as if the me in the 1000 meter high apartment is looking back to the past where I currently reside.

I got all this imagery on instinct. I got it from the stillness I created while meditated. I don’t know if its good or bad. In that regard it’s the imaginations business and its business alone.

PS: Yesterday I found 500 dollars extra from my account. Apparently it was from working extra time which I did few months ago. I was paid for it but my old boss emailed me saying that I was in fact underpaid and now it’s complete. Now this type of " mistake " was normal under the line of my old job and that I was lucky I even got it. And this is the story of my first money manifestation thanks to R.I.C.H which costed me 34 dollars. In only one week of using it it made me 14,7 times profit on the 34 dollars I made.


Hypnagogia. It’s the same as what Neville Goddard called the State Akin to Sleep (SATS).
Joseph Murphy talks about it too. It’s fun as fuck to play in that zone.


So thats the name. I wasn’t sure if it was the so called alpha state or not. Thanks

It’s low alpha leading into theta. But the actual threshold where you were playing is slightly different actual frequencies for everyone.

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5th Update: Just cracked the 12th hour mark. Working for myself and by myself. It’s just as easy as when Elden Ring came out and I played it non stop for over a week, but unlike that experience I don’t feel bad like I am wasting my life away anymore or wonder " What could If I could redirect this same energy? " Now I will never have to wonder that ever again. I will never fell ashamed of myself ever again. I wont need to tell myself " Start tomorrow or do it later " ever again and all I need to do is keep this despite any and all upcoming hardships until I money will be just as available and accessible to me as water.

When I started this journal 9 days ago I thought I would need to do this with the same old software I had in my brain. That doing the hard work is a " challenge " and a chore. That I need to suffer for it. Yet today it feels so good. I feel so fucking good knowing that the promise I made is one Is truly becoming more and more real by the day. If I keep this up I will be that guy. It truly feels like the universe is on myside because for the first time in my life… Every part and aspect of me is working harmoniously towards the same goal.

As for the future me re-reading this journal. Be proud of who you were when you were at your lowest. I am you and every day we become closer and closer together until I am gone and you remain. I am your backbone, I am your inner determination and within me lies everything you could ever need. So don’t you dare drop the ball or fall into despair ever again. Make sure all of this is worth it.

Today you hold me accountable so that we can be one. 5 years from now I will hold you accountable to keep it going and to live your life to the fullest. Remember that well, future me.

Work & Learn: I mentioned earlier that it feels like the universe is by my side. What I mean by that is the longer I work the easier it gets. Endless ideas and improvements are rushing through my head while I was designing the product pictures. The true fun is problem solving and finding creative solutions in each situation. Hell I already have my own quirky " trade secrets " when It comes to the photo editing and how amazing they look.

Rest & Contemplate: Still need to get my sleep on schedule. Nothing else to add for now


6th Update When it comes to work I am able to do so until my brain starts dozing off and I lose the ability to focus. 12 hours is no longer the theoretical limit, It’s the practical limit since after that productivity and accuracy are hindered. The sleep though is so sweet, laying my head down knowing I gave it my all. No more overthinking, no more wondering and no more regrets.

After the one week washout I can firmly say that less is more with subliminal. With that in mind I will be updating my stack and schedule.

Monday: EoG stage 2 ( 7,5 min loop ) + Limitless ( 7,5 min loop )
Tuesday: None
Wednsday: Revelation Of the Mind ( 5 min loop )
Thursday: None
Friday: EoG stage 2 ( 7,5 min loop ) + R.I.C.H ( 10 min loop ) Followed by Ascension Chamber
Saturday: None
Sunday: None

I will be cutting most of the loops in half and more. My gut feeling says it would be the correct path especially since im already exceeding the 3 sub limit. LoTs will be replaced with RoM. I need to fully commit to my goals in every way and could no longer flirt with what feels good. I have a great feeling about RoM.

Work & Lean: Starting to understand when successful people say things like success easily over shadows all the hard work. It’s so amusing to be doing something for hours and hours only to realize you could have done it better / faster in a different way as well as having to re-do things that took even longer just to improve them by 3% or less.

What’s impressive is my attitude towards it. I have yet to say " fuck it " its good enough as it is. As soon as I realize I can make an improvement I immediately do it regardless of how tedious it can be.

Rest & Contemplate: I need to start stretching more. Sitting behind a computer for so long makes things complicated mended with good health habits.


What do you like about ROM specifically?

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Mini update: The work continues but this time I started to feel small bouts of doubt and anxiety. It did not, however, get in the way like it would have at any point earlier in my life. It could be recon or else, regardless Its very much under control. I can feel that I will soon become someone else entirely in an area I’ve yet to explore on my own.

@Deadpool I will use it for the first time today, I’ve had pre-results from it a while ago and it felt surreal how things just " clicked ". That’s the best description I could give it. I just feel like it will assist me in putting the pieces together. All the experiences, nuances and otherwise intangible data collected with my dominant intuition. I want to know what they mean and how I could use them.

  • Just finished a 5 min loop with RoM. While listening with my EarPods I immediately went to Youtube and watched the good ending of Far Cry 4. There is just something about that scene. Just like the protagonist I have lived a life decided by fate. The fate of my early life which was cruel and lonely, almost cursed to forever be unhappy. And then the fate of the second half of my life, being destined for greatness despite the cruelty of fate. Just like the protagonist I had no real will of my own yet thinking I had full control. When the so called villain said to the protagonist "

“I realized I was only using Lakshamna’s death to do whatever I wanted to do. Just as you used your mother’s ashes to do whatever you wanted to do.”

Lost in the above, confused in the below. Desperate to find my place in the cosmos.

I was feeling a mix of release and adrenaline my eyes started watering. I realized " fate " was my excuse even though I had the best of intentions and never consciously hurt anyone. It was merely to gain some sort of meaning to who or what I am. It was a narrative of victimhood and heroic romanticism with the sole purpose of having an identity. Yet this fate was merely shackles deeper and more intricate than the obvious ones that chain people down like " fear, doubt and timidness ". I am no victim and I am not a hero to anyone especially to myself.

I live in the abstract and I am an idea more than a person. I am formless and I am free. I am something masquerading as a person. That does not imply nor make me anything bad, good or neutral in any capacity. I just am. And that alone is enough. I enjoy obtaining knowledge, improving, hard challenges and to help others who I personally and selfishly deem worthy. It is what makes me feel alive.

Indifferent yet secure in the above, Insanely passionate and alive in the below. I fully renounce any and all forms of categorization

Edit: Been some hours since i used RoM. Its my first time meditating with it. It felt powerful, i felt powerful, unleashed and i could see colors i’ve never immagined. I was basically lucid dreaming and felt like a window opened between my mind and the subconcious. There was a constant flow of data/energy flowing in and out and i could easily influnce it while feeling its influence. I enterd it concoiusly and thats where the lucid-ish dream part was unlocked. I was fully concious and lucid dreaming.


Just over a day of my first 5 min loop of RoM. I dont quite know if its me or my situation at hand but RoM has unlocked a part of my brain I didnt know existed. Even my emotions are heightened in such a beautiful way.