YT Subs plus SC subs


Anyone from SC listened to YT subs and got results? I know we aren’t supposed to talk about other subs but YT subs are general and free so just wanted to know, is all.


@Sigma11 - it has been discussed before but for your benefit, I will repeat the answer. Subliminal Club doesn’t recommend mixing their subliminals with any other brand of subliminals whether paid or free (youtube). This is because they don’t know how the other subs are made and how mixing them together will affect the results. You can do so at your own risk but it’s not advisable.

Subliminal Club subs though have been made and optimised to work well with each other especially when you use a couple of them together. Adding a subliminal from elsewhere is like adding a random variable into the mix. We just don’t know what will happen.


No, is all.


I beg to differ, I have got really good results from Youtube subliminals. I have tried becoming handsome ones. Though physical manifestations took close to 8 months for me but whatever subliminals it is repetition surely matters. The handsome subliminal I used , ran it everyday at least 4x times a day minimum and I never skipped a day no matter how tired or no time I had. Imagine a guy with no jaw line and short scattered eyebrows and not so straight nose. Now i have a good jawline, straighter nose than before. Thick eyebrows and higher cheekbones.

YT subs are no where match to SC subs. SC subs are legendary with unique scripting which will reap results in longer run and YT subs are simple may be with “I” or “You” affirmations hence the results were slow.


As I mentioned when I joined this forum, I started out with YT subliminals and did that for about 6 months to test how I responded to subliminals in general.

I tried many, but there were only 3 creators that systematically gave me great results. I noticed the effect immediately, especially with the productivity related ones. I’ve never been much into those that promise physical changes so can’t speak to the effectiveness of those.

Having said that, once I found out about SC (through a YT comment btw) I never went back to YT. Two reasons: not really knowing the effect of mixing subliminals, and this community.

About not knowing the effect, all I can say is that if I’m spending money on something I want to make sure I extract all the value I can from it. No one is sure how mixing SC and YT subs will affect your results, so why doing something that might diminish the value of something you invested on? I started with YT because its free and so low risk. I would mix it back then because I was only looking to confirm that subliminals worked on me. Once I knew I responded well, and found that there was a more professional alternative out there, I decided to stick to SC. Having said that, there is also the possibility that some people respond well to mixing these subs, however, it is unlikely because they are not developed in the same way or with the purpose of mixing them in mind.

In terms of this community, I enjoy having a forum to read about how others are using these subliminals, the results they get, benefit from their experience, and share my own. You can’t do that on YT because most people there are typically just fucking around with subliminals, jumping from one to another (like I also did), and having no consistency in how they are using them. Also noticed a good percentage of the people there are teenagers discussing things like “I want a subliminal to manifest less strict parents”. Nothing wrong, but I just can’t relate to that because I’m on a very different stage in my life. Based on the comments here, people in this forum tend to be older or at least more mature, and definitely more serious about using subliminals as a tool to improve their lives. To me this community is a big component of the value SC offers.