Youtube Affirmations

Hey peeps

Just wanted some insight on listening to youtube affirmations from Bob Proctor …instead of music
Will this hurt the subliminal results?
What are your views…?

im in no way advertising Bob Proctor


They are likely not as effective as subliminals, especially ones from here. Affirmations need to go through the conscious mind which can block it in all sorts of ways. Of course, they do cause an immediate state shift when done properly, however it would take quite a while before permanence.


I wouldn’t.

As for YouTube subliminals in general:

Lol, stop trying to brute force results, ya’ll. Just run your stack and work diligently toward a goal.


@pacman, you’re good to go. Affirmations won’t obstruct your subliminal results in any way, just make sure the affirmations are actually conscious and that they align with your unconscious goals.

In any case, they’ll enhance your progress, at least when you chose Affirmations which are in alignment with the Subliminal Titles you’re using. Affirmations when used daily, spoken out loud in front of a mirror with conviction, will and emotion will totally change your paradigm.

Personally, I would choose one affirmation for the day, something that suits your goals for that day. Write them down on a paper, followed by speaking them out loud, embodying the Affirmations’ Frequency. Do this 3 times in the morning, 6 times around noon and 9 times in afternoon.

With Conscious effort, you can totally use affirmations in a valuable way. They’ll enable you to steer your will to guide you in a certain direction, when aligned with your unconscious destinations, increased results will be unenviable.

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I plan on using Bob proctor wealth and money affirmations…let them play instead lf playing music…

They’re Affirmations right?

You’re better off creating your own affirmations, writing them down & speaking them out loud yourself. I wouldn’t recommend ‘listening’ to anything on YouTube, listening is mostly passive and will work on your unconscious directly. Possible creating interference with your Subliminal Stack.

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Yes not subliminals…spoken affirmations…

What you guys think of this style of creating affirmations

Bob proctor is full of shit stick to your subliminal stack and take action in every aspect of your life. You will see things progress more quickly then.


Yes, 1000% agree.