Your results with Ascension?


I open this topic to ask you because of curiosity and the fact that I am using it too:

What have been your achievements and results with Ascension?


I have never used straight Ascension, only Ascended Mogul…Hella productivity.

As for your question, there are a lot of threads on this already which may answer:


I’m hoping people answer this one, AscensionQ threads aren’t very prevalent. Yes there are some but not a lot.

I haven’t run it long enough to contribute just yet though :slight_smile:


I’ve had it for about a week and I got a chance to use it about 3 or four times. I saw results on the first day I tried it. I don’t know if there are manifestations in the sub to show you that you’re handling things better, but I dealt with at least five really unusually difficult people that day. I took control of all of those situations and I came out on top. These situations did not hurt me, in fact I just kept going energized all day, and I even joked about not having my fill of drama yet.

I notice that I get a lot more done, all the little things that I overlook are getting taken care of.

I had a meeting about a very difficult subject with some very difficult people at work. I came out on top again, shocking some of them to see the new me.


@lrw You’re making running Ascension after I complete Dragon Reborn incredibly desirable


It’s a great program, it’s so empowering. You will probably experience so much change after running DR that you would be surprised if you knew right now which sub you will choose when you finish DR.


I was just discussing something like that with someone. As much as I want to add to or change what I’m listening to I have to be patient.


I’ve ran ascension a number of times since I joined sub club not for a long time though maybe a month at most either alone or stacked. I’ve said it on here in the past for me ascension is the closest thing to becoming instantly alpha, instant no more mr nice guy from Robert glovers book. It works so fast, ascension really gives you a backbone. Being assertive is something I’ve always struggled with throughout my life along with feeling like a man.
Maybe cause the script is small but I feel ascension right away. ASCENSION just cranks up my masculine energy all the way to the top, I won’t let people disrespect me.I still feel fear and anxiety but I also feel this inner power in me from ascension to say no this is wrong, he’s treating me wrong or she is so I’m calling them out and letting them know that behavior is unacceptable.
The thing is with ascension you have to be really careful because it makes you become blunt, so you have to watch yourself.
If you want that kick in your ass to boost your masculinity or if you feel you are lacking masculine energy in any way I strongly suggest ascension


Send ascension kicks in faster than any other program for most users here. Would you say that’s a correct observation ?


Absolutely agree with this. I found myself to spit things I thought in people’s faces when they made me angry, said something I didn’t like or disrespect me, and in general I was more frank wothout worrying about others.


I’m already becoming more that way with Dragon Reborn. Seems like more of a " stay the fuck out of my way " mentality.


@Davisnwc out of all the subs I’ve used, ascension works the fastest. In 1 to 3 loops I can feel it’s power already, sometimes midway while listening to 1 loop. Its one of those subs where you know it’s obvious it’s working because you can feel the inner power pretty fast.
Sex mastery is probably another 1 that probably works fast to because the script is so small, like ascension and mogul.
@FoxDie it’s like the words just fly out your mouth. Ascension builds up the masculine energy in you so you don’t have to think about what to say, or how to censor yourself, you just let the words fly out, and you don’t water your words down with your tone either, you just tell it like it is.
I’ve never realized how many people in the world try to assert dominance on you or try to out frame you until I started running ascension. Sometimes it’s not verbal disrespect, I’ve noticed as well alot of nonverbal stuff people try to do in the workplace, out and about etc
@JCast I don’t know much about DR but it definitely sounds like a nice masculine type of subliminal, it’s a little edgy


Dragon Reborn clears the way for that definitely. I have posted how it’s comparable to a punk rock punch in the face. Maybe with some heavy metal thrown in


I was perpetually driven by a kind of subtle of positive rage when I was surrounded by situations where people tried to get their feet on my head. It was like I was constantly in berserk mode.
I still feel these effects. Ascension is powerful.


I think some people confuse assertiveness and establishing boundaries with toxic masculinity. Obviously there are guys who take things too far and act and feel entitled. Dragon Reborn purges and resolves the issues so that healthy masculinity is the only option


I think that’s something a lot of people misunderstand and get really judgmental about people such as myself who are metalheads. You can read in the music thread in the Emperor Lounge the exchange I had with @remarkable . Violent lyrics don’t equate to a violent and emotionally unstable individual. It’s cathartic. It’s sonic therapy . It’s a way to express and release anger , frustration, anxiety, and other emotions and feelings when there is no other outlet.
For me Dragon Reborn accelerates that . I have said in the past how Regeneration is therapy on steroids. Dragon Reborn is light years ahead of that. Prior to Dragon Reborn I was incredibly close to just giving up and trying to finally accept my situation. I felt like I was constantly trying to swim and see through quicksand. I am still under sixty days with Stage One of Dragon Reborn. I still have quite a journey in front of me. Imagine running Ascension immediately after completing Dragon Reborn?


@FoxDie I agree with the berserk mode I’m hyper aware of people trying to disrespect or cross a boundary whether indirectly or directly.
@JCast unfortunately in the west just being a man is toxic masculinity these days. Anything that a man says that makes someone “ feel “ bad or judged etc it’s toxic masculinity. I can’t speak for other countries but I live in the states and masculinity is really dying out and the west is falling.
We live in a time where people in the world are so soft that being assertive with someone or establishing boundaries, or being blunt or straight forward is bad behavior and toxic masculinity.
Again I can’t speak for the entire world but this has been by experience living in the states on the east coast


Is Feminism very rooted there?


In the states ? Very. We have a saying in the redpill community when it comes to the states which is “ enjoy the decline “.
Because the states are screwed. I know you mentioned ascension but I just wanna say this about ascended mogul since a lot of users use that sub as well, the masculine power that I felt on ascension I don’t feel on ascended mogul. That’s just my experience. What I feel on AM is super productive, I don’t want to be lazy and I just want to pursue and chase after my goals. If you don’t stack AM with another major sub on AM alone you don’t care about women it’s about you and chasing excellence. I brought up ascended mogul because some may think I can get the ascension power on AM and get the benefits of ascension + mogul in AM, but in my experience I’ve never felt that masculine edge, or power at all on AM. AM like I said is me being super productive and wanting to advance in my career/ job. What makes ascension so powerful and special in my opinion gets lost in ascended mogul.


I forgot to add ascension is like a 2 edge sword it raises your masculine energy and inner power but like I said, you become blunt with people so if you work in a environment with a Karen or lots of them, make sure you learn to think before you speak, pause and take a deep breathe before you speak don’t be reactive. Ascension makes you blurt out exactly how you feel and what you think so gotta learn to control ascension don’t let it control you. This would be my advice for people who plan to use ascension or new comers in the future