Your reconciliation stories on Regeneration and/or Emperor


I’d like to ask those of you who have run Regeneration and/or Emperor to kindly share their reconciliation stories here. I have been running Asc. Mogul + Rebirth + Limit Destroyer for a couple of months now. Overall it has been a pretty easy process with noticeable emotional results. Except that the few times reconciliation hit, it hit like a bitch. That Rebirth sub is not joke.
I believe that after I run Asc Mogul for 5 or 6 months, I will have a good enough base to run Emperor. I know that I still have some emotional baggage and trauma to deal with. That’s why I want to add Regeneration (and Elixir) to my stack and run it for a couple of months before I start Emperor. From everything I read here, Emperor is not a walk in the park, so I’m not sure if I want to deal at the same time with all the reconciliation from Regeneration and that from Emperor. That might be a bit much. So I’ll probably run Regeneration first. What do you guys think?

I’m curious what reconciliation felt like for you guys when you ran Regeneration or Emperor?


I’m running Rebirth with my stack of Ascended Mogul and Ultimate Artist, the reconciliation effects have been extremely mild, a few occasions of crying and feeling depressed. I take it to mean that the two viewpoints (the new and established) are trying to merge with each other, causing an inner shift with feelings of loss of identity.

All but one other sub producers gave me resistance around the 7 day mark, the worst effect I had was developing sinusitis. Nothing like that with Sub Club.


When you say it was a bitch what was it like? how long did it last? what was it like after?


@Rhinesuchus by that I meant that it was really rough. I remember having multiple panic attacks and sometimes waking up at night in a state of total fear.


Fear based reconciliation such as confrontation of it, coupled with other minor traumas. It was an interesting experience, however, once lifted, it’s pure bliss.


(About EV4) It’s like riding a dinosaur that’s headed towards a cliff in fullspeed and you can do nothing about it. But once you jump over the cliff you feel freedom.


Didn’t feel much reconciliation with regeneration but then again I didn’t use it for too long either. I felt completely healed on regeneration within just a couple weeks. With emperor however, I constantly feel broken down and rebuilt. Ever since January 1st, 2020… I’ve experienced every emotion in the spectrum most days. Emperor is revealing to me that I simply have not been good enough up to this point to live the life that I want to live. At the same time, it’s motivating me to step up and get my shit together and with an increased sense of urgency.


I ran Regeneration alone for three months. 18 to 21 hours a day. I can’t really say I had anything I’d call reconciliation from that process.

Honestly I’ve more discomfort and unsettling shifts recently, while listening to the combo of Spartan, Primal, Power Can Corrupt, and Ultimate Artist.


I’m running Ev4, and it’s a tough experience.
I’ve used v2 and v3 before, for a couple of months each, but v4 is still kickin’ my ass!

There are days on v4, when everything is flowing. My mind is clear, I can express myself clearly, without any hesitation,I feel like everything in my life is getting better and making sense.

and then BAM … I wake up the next day with fatigue, brain fog, low confidence, even depression.

I love rollercoasters, but I’d love to get out of this one :smiley:


Same thing for me, I’m at around 40 days of Ev4 and the waves of reconciliation keep coming. But man, those times in between sure are awesome.


So has anyone use Empv4 in a stack with Regeneration?


Thanks for the discrimination of us Khan users :joy:


Yes those 2 programs are in my current stack right now. Took a while for me to discover that when EV4 reconciliation starts hitting me, I only takes 1 single loop of regeneration to make me feel better and push forward. I usually do 2 loops though in order to blast ahead in a mental and emotional sense.

I get that effect whether or not I do the elixir supercharger afterwards or not.


I used Emp in Ver. 1 and 2 for 9 months in stacks. Used Regeneration on its own for three months. I’d like to try V.4 and Reg. Together but am kind of worried about watering down my stack of V4, Primal Seduction and Spartan.


I’ve personally never used Regen (although I may have to in the future), but maybe use Regen only when the reconciliation is hitting sort of like what @Davisnwc is doing

I’ve never done it, but seeing as you already have a foundation for both subs it wouldn’t hurt. Would mitigate watering down your stack, unless the reconciliation is relentless is of course


When I started this thread, Khan wasn’t released yet. This thread was dormant for months. Not sure why it woke up all of sudden. But feel free to share though.


I ran Emperor since its incarnation for upto 12 hours a day alongside rebirth. Not really had much in terms of reconciliation.