Your honest opinion pls

Is it worth running starkq and HOM in these times of lockdown? Especially if you want to develop socially and work on connecting skills?

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It depends on what you mean by

If your goal is networking and extending your connections in terms of business and work, then HOM and stark can be useful. Do note that although many of us are on lockdown, that doesn’t mean that we cannot use social media to “connect” with others.


I mean as I understand it, the subliminals help developing i.e. connectability, so I need to be exposed to situions to become better at it. Now I feel like I am average. I mean both for personal means and business.

Will the development be lacking if I use it now (with covid-19)but don’t expose myself to all the situations I wish to use it at? Or should I wait?

Also last time I ran stark I had these intuitions that I am wasting my life. I am a bit of a paradox sometimes. I like to go out but don’t do it, but once I do I like it and have a great time. I like making friendships and partnerships but once I have them I neglect them and don’t pick up the phone when I get invited. Just to call back later knowing that they already sent ahead and I can excuse myself easily and stay cozy at home and Netflix alot. I have this with a lot of things. Like when I started looking for dates, I think improving myself will get me more dates but then at the same time I am like well, why don’t they like me for who I am now? If I have achieve the changes then will they still like the true me?

Sorry to ask this hee but this has been on my mind for.a while now.



“The Spotlight was created in order to help you become the one that has all the eyes on social media. By utilizing The Spotlight, you’ll be able to garner more and more attention and recognition on social media and online, helping you market yourself and become a well known individual.”

Stark has Inner circle, which should solve this. You find people who are compatible with you.

I would suggest a sub with this module.

“A module designed to take your willpower to the next level whenever you deal with addictions of any kind – smoking, porn, alcohol, etc. Keep in mind, taking action and having a doctor’s advice is always paramount.”

I suspect Stark does not have this, but Emperor and Spartan do. Emperor should include Spartan. (speculation)

Stark has emperor but it is focused on wealth generation (Megacorporation)

“The rewritten Emperor script now helps you manifest and build your very own mega-corporation, based on whatever field you are most interested in. If that’s not your thing, it’ll help you become the leading expert in your area of choice. The possibilities are endless, as is the wealth you can create by combining these two concepts.”

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While Emperor and Spartan both support will power, discipline, and healthy lifestyle
Stronger module originated in Survival instinct I would bet.


While a less social or solo Alpha sub like Emperor might be preferable to many in these time, you can absolutely get results with Stark and HOM.

You can still create situations to expose yourself…Online Freelance, courses, Zoom, go through your current networks, work facebook, create website, online dating, learn new skills in groups online.

The development will happen faster the more you take action in alignment with your/the subs’ goals and intentions. It will take some creativity but Stark will help with that :wink: What would you realistically be doing differently not during a lockdown given what you know yourself to be reliable for,?
night life, networking, in person education or person events? If you’d be willing to expose yourself to all those above scenarios and others, you’d probable get more immediate feedback on the sub in a non-lockdown situation. But if your likely to stay home anyway, now is the perfect time to developing social and connection skills…at home !

This is awesome, you can’t go anywhere new, until you have an accurate gauge of where you stand in relation to yourself/your life. Wasting your life is not true in reality of course, but Stark had you see that’s how you relate to yourself and your life,so that something new can happen. The shadow our potential caste can make our current lives appear quite dark. (I might be able to quote that one again lol)

I’m the same way, it’s just habit and inertia. I wouldn’t say this is a defining factor of your character or who you are, just what your used to. There has to be a good enough reason for you to break your inertia. I can’t say what that is for you. For me with going out, it was sleeping with hot woman-‘Oh my friends are going out…there ok but…I’ll probably meet a cute girl there’. Now it’s just having a good time.

people are attracted to be people of value-who bring something to their lives they couldn’t have already, and create an experience for them-that they don’t want to walk away from. This value, can be humour, power, sex appeal, social status, deep connection, spiritual resonance, deep listening etc…i

The true you naturally has your flavor of incredible value and attraction you bring to the table

So they would like the true you, everyone’s authenticity is magnetic, sexual polaritzing-highly masculine or feminine and extremely appealing to the opposite polarity. It’s just if your not succeeding in dating at the level you’d like there is likely a lot of stuff that is not the true you that you probably have no idea your broadcasting, insecurities and conditioning on others and yourself.

To wrap it up

The lock down does not and has not limited the kind of successful people who we aspire to be through our use of subs. They adapt and find a way. They are not cut from any different cloth, so I don’t see why what is possible for them is not possible for us.