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Dear friends,

It would be interested to see a booster that boosts subliminal’s in general being released. Does anyone happen to know if that would be an option in the future?

Now onto the actual questions:

Does anyone happen to know if you can pauze subliminal’s and a little later pick up where you’ve left of? Can whatever combination of subliminal’s bought from this website be stacked however you like? Would it be interesting to stack emperor with ascended mogul even though ascended mogul is in emperor already to increase the effectiveness of ascended moguls perks?

Please let me know if you’ve tested it, thank you in advance!



yes you can, myself and amash are doing this. There is no rule from these subs that you have to run them continuously

Yes but for better results 3 major programs maximum. Better to do maximum of two


I use a Emperor with mogul and I think it do help me to get more focused on business goals and since I have stacked it I feel better control over my company and I have been coming up with better sales schemes.


I think that’s beauty and flexibility here , you are not tied to use only one program though it may take more time for results if u will stack lot of programs
I myself have Emperor / mogul / sanguine / limit destroyer and along with this I use sex mastery while making love .


I’m going to stack ascended mogul with emperor to see more improvements on the ascended mogul part.


I want to stack programs which are already in the Emperor program to increase the benefits of each of them. The reason I only run one program right now is to get results as soon as possible. I want to see more benefits from ascended mogul which is already in Emperor and I guess by stacking ascended mogul with emperor I get increased results on the ascended mogul part.


I don’t mean a long pauze, like two weeks or three weeks or whatever from a subliminal but more like a 5 minute break in the middle of a subliminal because I need to take headphones of for some reason. Does this count for your answer?


This is what i meant too


If course it will as you are going to listen to that part of script more and more


Making sure these programs are not interfering with each other.