Yet another volume question

What volume do you guys listen to Q subs on earphones or headphones?
Percentage wise will be appreciated
I listen to mine at 4/15 thats about 27%

Just enough to hear the water clearly.


Rough percentage ??

Everyone will be different. Between 0% to 100%


What do you listen on?

I have to go check. I never changed it after I adjusted it the first time.

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20-25% (noise canceling) to under 50% depending on what I’m playing it with and whether I’m walking outside (just use old AirPods for covid strolls cause they’re easy to wipe down)


Thank you @mnemosyne or that detailed answer helps alot. :+1:

I do 100% and stick ear buds through my nasal passages and up my sinus canals closer to my ears to really get the effects :joy: jk of course

I keep it 25% or less when I’m near my computer or using headphones and around 40% if I’m not near computer or doing other stuff. For Ultima whether speaker or headphone I do around 10% or the lowest I can still hear the water trickling clearly


35% for ultrasonic

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And masked with earphones?

Around 20-35%

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Thank you @friday

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Extemely helpful and indept answer

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Of course. 20%-33% depending on device and headphones I use. Just enough to hear the water.