Yet another ultrasonic volume question


Hey guys, I’m setting up 24/7 looping for the ultrasonic but ran into some some issues with volume. So I calibrate with frequensee holding my phone right up to the speaker so it reads -50db. But at night I’m in my bed that’s about 9 feet away from the speakers. Checking frequensee it looks like it just barely makes it to -90db. Should I raise the volume when I go to sleep at night or does it seem like my speakers aren’t powerful enough? It doesn’t really seem like the ultrasonic fills the room. At the same time in order to get it to read out at least -80db when I’m in bed I’m pushing -30db and that doesn’t seem very safe for my ears.


Well yeah the reading is always way bigger when you put it right next to the speaker.

That’s something I am also quite sceptical about, however if your phone’s microphone can pick up the frequency when it’s near the speaker it should pick up the frequency when you are at your bed too. Meaning that your phone can record sounds in the 20k frequency.

I would also recommend if you can to listen to the masked version, you can get used to it in a week :smiley: it’s way easier to calibrate.


Don’t measure from next to the speaker. Measure around the area where you’re listening to see that it’s playing at the right volume. In your case use frequensee app around your sleeping area and adjust your speaker volume until you get a decent volume there. -50 dB is a good spot, you may then adjust +/- 10 dB from there depending on your preferences if you so choose.


Thanks. Yeah I kinda wanted to stick to the ultrasonic so I could just loop it and not have to worry about it. But it’s proving to be less set and forget and more set and hope I can hear it lol. I’ll just use the masked at night from now on. I’m actually used to that because it’s what I used in other subs too.


Like Neuro states, you should measure where your ears are. Of course, if you set it so that it’s -50 in your bedroom, keep in mind that it will cause you some issues if you sit down next to it without lowering the volume. Always be mindful.

Also know that ultrasonics due to their nature have difficulty traveling through walls and solid objects.