Would using yt boosters help the subs?


Even though subclub subs are mainly afformations, I’m wondering if subliminal boosters found on youtube can enhance subclub subs?


I am not familiar with “boosters” in YouTube. However, some subliminal producers discourage mixing their subliminals with subs from other producers.
In addition, given that the ones in YouTube are free, we’re not really sure if the content matches the description. It’s possible that some may make a sub, post it there, but with malicious intent.


You could try! But don’t blame me if you find yourself transferring all your money to a random bank account for no apparent reason. :scream::see_no_evil:


Have you tried subclub subs?
Do they need any boosters?

Boosters are for weak-ass products, not SubClub. :sunglasses:

Here, we use SuperChargers. :joy:



Shouldnt be QL function as the best booster you can get atm? Realy wondering if adding QL ST4 to any stack would improve the abillity to absorb and implement the information from the other subs.

Regarding the myth to not mix subs from different companys:
First of all i assume that you only use subs from a well known source. No shit. Thats with youtube not so easy but there are also serious vendors on yt.
If you didnt mix conflictive goals or contents there is no reason to avoid mixing.
The only problem could be a kind of overload if you have too much input.
Normaly this will cause headaches or other symptoms of unwellness.
Also aversion against subs can occur. Thats the time your body will telll you that it is too much. Best thing is to take a break or lower the amount of time you listen.


How can you confirm that?


I do believe SubClub uses only a very small amount of affirmations and only where it helps the rest of the scripting. SubClub scripting is more about presenting your subconscious with a challenge to which the answer is an affirmation. In the most simplest of terms, it might ask you why you are awesome and your subconscious (being OCD about having an answer to everything) will then have no choice but to tell itself exactly why you are awesome.

I have previously heard of one booster that supposedly worked and used ultrasonic subliminals. I also heard of one that didn’t use subliminals but used biofields instead. Out of respect for SubClub, I will share neither here. :slight_smile:


SubClub can only tell you what they know. We don’t know anything about the producers on YouTube or how they build their subs and the scripting they use. So we can’t give you the answer. I remember one other thread where people weren’t able to give a clear “yes” or “no” either. If you do mix and match from different sources, don’t run them at the same time (overlap), make certain you can trust the source and that they are both working towards the same goal.

Oh, and if you do mix and match, be honorable enough not to ask for your money back if the SubClub subs don’t work. The subconscious is still a vast unexplored thing and if you start adding unknowns into the mix SubClub should not be responsible if your own mind shuts the SubClub subs down.

I had to laugh when Hannibal comments about adding too much to your mind but starts the post off with wondering if throwing QL ST4 on top of a stack would help. “I’m gonna run a new sub. Let’s add one of SubClub’s largest subs which intends to completely rewire the brain on top of it. And as long as we’re doing that, why not the stage that combines all the stages and then some.” :wink:


you have to become the boss of your subconcious.
resistance is futile…:wink:


Maan, so true. Spoken like a true prodigy


It’s literally in their guide.

And subclub claims that the subconscious doesn’t “resist” their scripts so the subs are mostly afformations


Superchargers only enhance certain topics of subs.

Even if a product, like Subclub, is superior, why not make it even better with a booster. It can’t hurt if the booster is credible