Would these portable bluetooth speakers work for the ultrasonic?


I just saw this speaker online for dirt cheap on sale. Im not sure if these would pick up the ultra sonic. How would you guys know ?
Also what do people think of these


Anker’s frequency range reaches up to 20KHz, which should be fine.
However, it doesn’t say what Insignia’s range is.
Most ultrasonics are between 15KHz to 20KHz.


I’m guessing the insignia one doesn’t reach any of those ranges then since it’s not listed ?


I wouldn’t say that. However, if a manufacturer explicitly states the frequency, then you can probably play ultrasonics for extended periods without busting the speaker.
Problem here is that some, especially the dirt cheap ones may break easily when playing ultrasonics for a long time. It gets worse because you wouldn’t really realize it’s no longer playing that high unless you test it using an app like FrequenSee or using a separate mic and analyzing the recording.


I actually did that on a couple Bluetooth I had. I made an ultrasonic played it on the Bluetooth and recorded it through a mic then ran it through a demod script to shift pitch back down and played it. One sounded like junk and the other was fine.


And you still need to filter out the noise prior to doing all that. Or find a soundproof room. In either case, it’s best to invest in something with good quality.


This is all to much work lol


Yep. So might as well buy something sturdy with good quality reviews.


I actually own 2 bose speaker’s thats set up at home. I was looking for a cheap one to use for work


I like to use cheap wired computer speakers with sandisk mp3 players.

Set it and forget it.

I am relatively rarely playing subs from my phone


So i ended up ordering the anker 1 thinking i had ordered the anker 2 which displays on the site soundcore 2 freequency response. For the soundcore 1 the freequency response is not listed anywhere so i emailed the soundcore team and they said the soundcore 1 freequency response is 100Hz~20kHz. This would work for ultrasonic right ? Or does it have to be 15Hz ~20kHz ?


It’s fine. Just test every now and then as bluetooth speakers sometimes disconnect automatically.