Would anyone like to share their experience with Legacy standalone

I have Legacy lying in my inventory. I have never used it routinely.

I want to start looking after my health, I was planning to start using Legacy along my custom. for the kick to start hitting the gym.

I know most have moved to The Emperor Fitness Line.

does anyone have experience with Legacy that they would want to share?


I only just got it for Ultima reasons, but the visualization is very powerful to me. I feel really dominant and powerful. No wonder people often recommended it for running with status and alpha subs, even after Commander came out. Raw, unbridled POWER! Fearless, dominant & unstoppable. The Beast(s) with their musical backing don’t give me that same feeling, although I imagine the ultras backing them are a bit more powerful.

And those freakin’ drums! I am so gonna miss some of those audios Saint makes. Simply imagining them in remastered 7.1 with a bit of bass sprinkled in makes me shiver. So Below is another one with a tribal feel to it. Different result obviously.

Still, like with most superchargers, I could offer some improvements to the voice artist. Little shifts in grammar, emphasis and intonation can make it really powerful.


You can say that again.

Do you think the Best Unleashed is an effective stand alone with out emperor fitness?

eFit came out while I was in the middle of my multi-stage journey, which wasn’t focused on fitness, so I only tried it a few times.

But I’d say it can definitely be used without eFit to support you any time you exercise. Even on custom subs or subs like Khan. Or no subs at all.

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I used most superchargers from the store. I like the concept. I think The legacy is the best supercharger and i am very pleased. I usually listen before Muay Thai session during my warm up


Is Muay Thai Mastery X available in Q version? I want to purchase it but the page shows last updated in 2018 ?

yes it is both ultra and masked