Woman Here - Best Subs/Program For My Goals and Medical Issue Concerns


Hey there,

I stumbled upon this forum/SC and have been reading through the topics and journals (some of which are fascinating) for the past day and a half.

I’d like to give this a go, but I have some concern about a medical issue I have and how/where to begin if it is safe to use in my situation.

But I feel I should give you a bit of background about who I used to be, what I deal with, and how it changed me and my life. This maybe a little long…

Issue: Chronic dizziness. Not Vertigo, but imagine shaking your head 20 times fast then stopping. The result is what I feel all the time, but on a sliding scale. On good days it’s around 2-3 (on 1-10 dizziness scale), but I can function with normal tasks and driving. Worst days are when I “relapse” (which can last 3-6 weeks) is anywhere from 5-10 on the scale. At that point any movement, turning head, or simply just walking to the bathroom, intensifies the dizziness and pressure I feel in my head. Been to several doctors and specials. Some think it’s a vestibular migraine, and some relate it to anxiety issues… which I do have.

I was a bartender, attractive, creative, and a very social and outgoing person when this illness hit me in 2014 at the age of 36 (and I wasn’t really all that anxiety-ridden then, so not sure I understand why this happened.)

I don’t have kids (don’t want them and still don’t), so I keep more on the “young”, cool aunt side. :wink:

However, since that illness, I had to quit bartending because I can’t handle the constant movement. After 4 hours I’m on the floor with dizziness and pressure. Since I was used to being financially independent, I was determined to get an office desk job. Found a temp job, did well, they offered me permanent, they liked me so much they asked me to interview for a better position (where the manager of said department was awful to me… but I overcame that after a bit of hell, then stuck up for myself and then we actually got along great.) But then I had a relapse and was out for 5 weeks. They accepted me back, but 4-5 months later I had another relapse, then they fired me.

While on unemployment and trying to search for another job, I was becoming more depressed. My whole life changed… and my social life was affected too. I couldn’t go out with friends like I used to. I had to leave my best friend’s surprise birthday party very early because the noise, movement was too much. My boyfriend had to pick me up while I bawled the whole way home.

My anxiety has increased so much that I can be sitting doing nothing/thinking nothing and I feel a hundred pound weight in my chest and/or stomach.

My only solace was writing. I wrote a book, then a second and got involved with online writing community and contests. It really was the only thing that probably saved me from going too deep into my depression.

I tried to go back to work by taking a temp job to see how I do. I loved getting back out and around people again. Made friends (I tend to make friends pretty easily or get on with people easily with a few exceptions) and I was happy to be working again. I didn’t lovethe work, mind you. I just loved being around people again.

Then 3 months later, I relapsed… again.

I think that was my breaking point and I gave up trying. I cried a lot. I felt my youth being robbed, because now at 42, almost 43, I’ve dealt with this for 6 years and should be at the prime of my life. One you reach 40, you notice time is more precious.

No matter how bad it gets or how depressed I am… I always seek out a way to improve my situation and self at some point. Being scared that I lost my financial independence, and had to apply for disability, I wanted to find a way to make money in my situation… so I started self-publishing. Wrote 4.5 books in a year, and starting another series. I don’t do great in terms of financial independence, but I didn’t do so bad either for a newbie that had no online presence with my pen name.

Since my writing hasn’t taken off… I have had writer’s block as if this next series has to be perfect, and it got to the point I didn’t want to look at it anymore. I since started again, but it doesn’t flow like it used to.

I just feel like I’m stuck in this limited limbo I can’t seem to cross. I’ve gotten way too used to being at home that even when I am functioning enough to go out… I’d rather stay in. I lost that zest for life I used to have. I drink way too much because it helps relieve that weight on my chest and I feel more carefree and back to my old self who loves to laugh and enjoy life. But I know that is not a healthy way… even if it is only beer and not hard liquor. And I don’t like myself much in the morning if I feel hungover.

Oh, and because I drink like I do and don’t get exercise like I did with bartending, I’m out of shape and gained about 30-40 pounds. Since I’m 5’6” I hold it okay, but for me, it’s getting to the point I’m uncomfortable, feel unattractive, unmotivated, anxious, depressed and need to snap out of this and live my life again.

My goal. Feel inspired with my new self publishing biz again, become financially independent on my own (without disability help) and feel good about self and getting out again, especially when I feel well enough to function. If I can cure this dizziness thing all together, I will cry tears of joy and never take my health for granted again! If not, then I want to live my best life with or without the dizziness.

So… now that you know half my life story lol (sorry for long post)… would SC subs be too intense for someone with my dizziness issue (whether related to anxiety or not.) If not, what subs/programs would you recommend and how do I use them for the best results? Just a note that I’m willing to be patient and don’t feel any intense need to change everything all at once. I’m okay with gradual and covering foundation steps first, whatever that may be.

Thank you much in advance for any advice and/or suggestions.


Hey welcome to the forum. When it comes to healing I hear great things about Regeneration and Elixir. You could try those for 30 days then try it with Seductress.


Hello and welcome to the show.
I am sure you talked to your doctors about this but let me ask this: Did they check you for a vitamine-b-dificiency? I am asking because I had the exact same issue. It really scared me (was some kind of hypochondriac hehe) and sometimes it was so bad I couldn’t even sit on a chair. Since I supplement Vitamine B, this has gone away. I don’t plan on using them for the rest of my life though so I am looking for an alternative, self-healing way. But I doubt very strongly SC products are designed to help with that, except maybe QL but I am not so sure about that.
About the question if the programs would affect you in a bad way: I doubt that. Only thing I could imagine is reconciliation hitting you ontop of your dizziness which may be really uncomfortable, but I don’t think people with dizziness can’t listen to subliminals.

About recommended programs: I guess Ascension for women might do a great job.


Thanks. I will look them up. :slight_smile:


@Stark Iike @ExploringAstronaut said, seek medical advice before considering using Subliminal Club programs.

However, your symptoms may be a spiritual message of surrender. Your story is one where you were led towards writing through the vertigo. (Of course you’re the best judge of your life, so this may not apply)

Immediately, the Elixir will help with emotional healing. It’s a cheap option and you can evaluate your progress.


@Stark - to see that you are soldiering on, is inspiring. That is the one thing that will save you yet.

My recommendation is:

1st month : Elixir supercharger + Regeneration (mental and emotional healing playlist)

2nd and 3rd month : Elixir super charger + Regeneration + The Seductress (Playlist for reclaiming the power of your womanhood and raising your attraction levels while still healing)

4th month and onwards: The Seductress + Ascension for Women (3 months of healing is more than enough unless you want to continue to use Elixir and Regeneration. Time to up your status game by adding Ascension for Women to The Seductress. You will be the ultimate woman both in terms of being attractive to others and feeling attractive, while also boosting your confidence, thanks to the Seductress. Ascension for Women will then raise your status and make you an Alpha Female)

PS: I would also recommend adding either Ultimate Artist to increase your creativity for your writers block. You could add it to your playlist anytime.

All the best whatever you choose.


Thanks for the welcome! Oddly enough, I did get a blood test last year and my doctor said I was very low on vitamin D and told me to take supplements. It didn’t cure my symptoms, but it did keep me in functionality mode where I could drive to another state and enjoy Chrismas Eve/Christmas with my family (I have 14 nieces and nephews!) Usually, a big crowd like that gets to me, but I did great. Recently, I’ve been forgetting to take them here and there and I relapsed again about a week ago. I made an appointment for Monday and going to have doc test all my vitamin levels. Even if it doesn’t cure but can keep me in functional place, I’ll take it! Thanks for the suggestion.

BTW, what do you mean by “reconciliation” hitting me? From the journals I’m guessing that it means when the negative stuff comes up that I need to push/work through?


Hi Michel… you know, I have thought of that with the writing. I’ve been a spiritual and philosophical type person since a young age and have written in many journals filled with me trying to seek answers on the meaning of life… including my own journey and purpose. I may be a social person, but have always been comfortable to explore deeper things on my own and like that time as well (which led me to many things like Conversations With God, Abraham Hicks, Gregg Braden, even Bashar-which was wild, and many other explorations. I’m never too deep into one thing, but like to explore theories and possibilities with an open mind.)

If my dizziness is due to leading me to writing, I wonder why it didn’t go away when I started the business… or maybe I’m not writing the genre I should or the book I’m meant to write (I basically decided to self publish romantic comedies because romance is a huge hit for self published writers and a billion dollar industry. I don’t have actual sex in my books, so now adding that in with a new series to see if that will get me past the averaging $500/month thing.)

I’ll definitely explore that, so thanks for bringing it back to my attention. I like @raphael recommendation of starting with Elixr and Regeneration. I think I’ll go with that and maybe even start a journal here. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the plan outline. Definitely more of what I was looking for. I think I will go with Elixr and Regeneration and see where it goes and how I do and decide from there. Maybe add UA in the second. I don’t want to overwhelm myself too much as well.

With Ascension for women, I do get a little wary. It seems people get angry. I wouldn’t call myself a doormat, but I’m not an alpha, either (well, unless someone really steps over the line.) I don’t mind having alpha when needed, which I think I have, however I DO have issues of feeling inferior in some situations. I hate negotiating for example. I also don’t give myself enough credit and I’m my worst critic. So maybe that would be helpful in the future…

Thanks again for your suggestions. I’m definitely going with Elixir, but will look up Regeneration now.


Seductress works on your confidence, even though it contains Ascension for Women, it’s less “edgy” than that product. It’s the right choice for your current aims. It will take time.

Elixir is immediate though, a quick 10 minute session.


It is interesting what it is, depending on the person. If it is Vitamin D, you may be well off just being more outside in the sun, maybe that only can help you without you having to take in supplements. For me it is Vitamin B, which isn’t supplied by the sun, sadly haha. But yeah, I would definitely check on that.

Yes, reconciliation is the process of the subconscious sorting out beliefs and trauma. Can get very nasty, really.


That sounds really rough, but I admire your strength for working through it and trying to find answers. Out of curiousity have you ever tried an elimination diet? It can be surprising how much food intolerance can cause neurological symptoms.

Also you said you’ve been to doctors. Have any of them elaborated on it? Might be worth going to a holistic practitioner if they can’t give you a solid reason. Migraines especially seem to be a bit of a mystery in the medical world.


@Stark, I recently went through some medical issues myself, which included issues with mild dizziness, light-headedness, and difficulty thinking clearly (among other symptoms). I know from my doctor that it was caused by a chemical imbalance, and alongside my treatment, I also listened to Quantum Limitless Stage1 and Spartan, the reason being both had programming to balance hormones and improve health. Of the two I found when I started listening to Quantum Limitless there was a noticeable improvement over a couple of weeks of the mental symptoms. I don’t know if it would help your particular medical issue, but might be worth considering. I have no doubt it would help your writing as well, but combining with Ultimate Artist would be a pretty potent combo.

Best of luck to you.