With what subliminal messages I am going to feed my brain?


I am interested in your products but I would like to know with what kind of subs I am going to feed my brain? As my brain is my castle I am very selective what kind of stuff may go into. So please don´t answer with “Trade Secrets - If they were shared, SubClub would have to switch to Patreon while the competition created remarkably similar products”. I thought what make your subs different from the competitors is the whole technology you are using not just the scripting. So for the sake of it let your customers sign a NDA - but be transparent!:wink:


The kind of subs you will get here are the same ones others purchase from Subliminal Club. So please read the journals and see what results others are getting. Am only starting on my journey but will admit that there are internal changes happening. We could attribute a lot to placebo effect but the changes are too rapid for placebo.

So for your sake, I would advice you to be clear on what goals you have and ask others what subs would be recommended for you. When they do suggest some titles, take a day or two to read the extensive journals here of those same titles and make a purchase.

Start with one and try it out for a couple of months. There is nothing harmful here. If there was, SubClub would have closed long back.

PS: if you want to improve your sexual game, try Sexual Mastery. That one is supposed to bring changes that are quick and undeniable.

PPS: you got to take some risk in life. Even with regard to your mind. All the best


my best advice is to write down 3 goals you want to have in your, then read all subliminals in the sales page, then read all the journals and then stick to 1-2 subliminals to see results faster


Sorry, our scripting and the underlying technology is trade secret. We’re not the only subliminal producer that doesn’t release our scripts. The three other well known producers keeps their technology under wraps also. It’s an industry-wide practice and we’re not changing that policy any time soon.

That being said, we understand the concern. As a company, we wouldn’t be able to sustain ourselves very long if we were using scripting that hurt our customers.


I dont see any benefit make anything public to be honest


Can you at least explain if you use affirmations or questions or something like a story


We’ve already explained this multiple times to the extent that we wish to do so. We challenge the subconscious through a number of techniques, with the end result being that we do not dictate your growth path. Instead, through taking action, you create your own path and the subliminal helps manifest what you’re focusing on.


@SaintSovereign Do you add scripts which makes the Listener to take actions?


We urge them to take action, yes. However, to maintain our ability to stack subliminals, we can’t go TOO far in “making” the listener take action.


woah it’s like the second one in two weeks asking for the scripts


Only the second one in two weeks asking for the scripts? Are you guys serious? This should be the first and last question before purchasing an sub products;-

Am I willing to take risk on my mind ? Heck NO!


@raphael, you are awesome.

@BobV has the right to his opinion. We are here a community of open minded explorer.

We hope @BobV will find his happiness with a subliminal seller who will share his script with him beforehand. I personally wish him the best.


@BobV - you have asked your question, you have gotten your answer and it’s not what you wanted. So good luck finding what you want elsewhere.

If you don’t trust others to make subliminals for you without sharing their propriety ideas, you can always learn how to do so yourself. Many basic videos are available on youtube and there are subliminal software for that too.

All the best whichever you choose.


@AMASH - I agree.


That’s a completely understandable viewpoint. However consider the fact that we’re being honest about not releasing the scripts. We have it on good authority that more subliminal producers are about to emerge, and while they may display their scripts, there’s always the possibility that they’re simply lying about what they’re allegedly putting in their titles.


I personally enjoy not knowing. Its nice discovering a change in behavior or viewpoint, and i think to myself, nice!


I never read the scripts even when they’re available. A list running 50-300 pages of affirmations is superbly boring. :rofl:

Still, many on this forum will be happy if the salespages start having those lists of Modules / Expected Benefits. :wink:

Also, the instruction documents can be updated considering the experiences of so many users are now available.
The goal setting, journaling, self direction, relationship with the subconscious mind, etc. are very different on SC products, compared to other providers. We don’t really offer magic potions here, as is the industry’s norm.


Agreed. That’s why I play the subliminals.
Random societal programming used to keep me in perennial distraction & procrastination.

In my experience, even when a sub is not a great fit for my goals, it is still better than having my mind be busy processing meaningless noise.
Any sub here will flood my mind with at least something more useful than that.


Here’s my 2 cents.

Try one. I think Ascension Lite is still around. Not sure, but if it is, then you get a free opportunity to give the subliminal a test run.

If not… well… I could think of worse ways to waste $40. (not saying it is a waste, but to fit your current mindset, if it was a waste to be fair it’s just 40 bucks. Compared to a certain someone who prices their subliminals in the 100s…)

Run the subliminal for a few months.
If you feel like you’re being turned into a mindslave who’s self destructive and wears illumidonkey t-shirts and 2001 emo makeup, by all means drop the subliminal. You have proven to yourself subclub spend hours writing scripts to make you… wear illumidonkey t-shirts and 2001 emo makeup.

But. If you get positive changes (there might be some negative things like having to deal with old emotional baggage, but since it’s emotional baggage you’ve already had you know it’s not being installed into you) then you have proven subclub does NOT have an obsession with turning people into 2001 conspiracy theorists.

In other words test it.
If you feel it’s not for you, drop the subliminal and don’t touch them again. You don’t need subliminals for personal growth, not by a mile. They’re extremely useful aids but you can absolutely advance in life without them. When I first started I was actually quite scared of subliminals because hey- damn right I want to know what’s being put in my head.

But if bad things are being put in your head you’ll likely notice it before they solidify. I’m not here to spread the “spooky stories on the web” as I think one thread was called way back, but there have been subliminal producers who have done bad things with their subs but since people felt the effects, they stopped using the producers subs and eventually they were exposed. If enough people listen to one sub, and enough of them experience things that imply there’s negative affirmations, and that producer has a forum or other public communication line, you best bet there will be hell raised. One person says “I experience XYZ, did anyone else?” “omg me too wtf??” “this is kinda scary…” and before you know it everyone has realized they all have the same issue and they all demand answers from the producer. Simple as that really.

If subclub was in that boat I think they would’ve been ganged up on by the community a long time ago. As you can see that’s not the case.

Hope this sort of “realist” mindset helps you out. You’re not screwed if there’s any negative affirmations. Just stop using it, don’t entertain them, and they’ll fizzle out. From my own experience, aside from dealing with old patterns and wounds, I’ve never felt anything negative.

Good luck on your journey.


This is brilliant. I like this. A lot.