Will you have a sale for the holidays?



As is the title, a question for the creators.
I want to buy some programs and it would be so sucky if they were discounted in a week or smth

Thanks in advance for any answer


Given the already low prices of our programs and our return policy, the only “sales” we’re having any time soon are the discounts on pre-orders.


Honestly these guys are selling the subs at a very affordable price it does not warrant a sale. In comparison to some companies who sell products for 500 dollars.


@blackadder Exactly! I’m very grateful for the fact that they sell such good subliminals at this price.


11-29-18 @ 10:00 AM:
Yes I agree with the members above, the price that Sub Club offers for their products is perhaps the lowest in the industry, on top of the fact that you can get a discount when you make a pre-order, as well as the discount offered to new members.