Will Ultimate Artis help me with Programming?


I have started my journey with python programming.

I realise that it deals with creativity and Logical thinking. I already have QL to back me up on the learning and thining aspect.

Would adding UA help me in this journey, in regards to creativity specific to programming?


I don’t know about UA.
But you don’t really need creativity for programming. You need to know the routines, and solve shit ton of problems to know even more routines.
If I remember correctly you have a finance degree. I wouldn’t suggest you to start programming because it would take atleast triple the time you invested in your finance knowledge. And I don’t mean programming basic stuff. That’s like a week props. I mean doing projects that take weeks/months and you when you start a new similar project you will probaly search the net for the same solutions that you did in the last project.


@mecharc - although programming does use some level of creativity, Ultimate Artist won’t be the optimum subliminal for it since it is more focused on Arts level of work intelligence.

Limitless and Quantum Limitless are more suited for programming. If am not mistaken, SaintSovereign took the help of QL to fast track his learning of python programming.


Although I have a degree in Finance, I don’t have a career in finance. I don’t have a stable career yet


I’ve done a whole bunch of coding, and my idea is that you need strategic and rational thinking for it. The strategic thinking helps to be able to write down a step-by-step bulletpoint list of what the code is supposed to do, and rational thinking will help with writing the code to make it happen.

Can UA give you some eureka moments, where you realize there’s an even better way of solving it? Maybe. But that works a lot better when your mind already knows the programming language. I’d stick to QL for now.