Will the effects be redundant, If i double each stage of khan?


I am currently at ST1, Day 34. slightly over 200 hours. Last few days I have not been listening to ST1 much. my focus has been more on Limitless. I plan to play Limitless in my bag during my exams lol.
But anyway,
So, it has been advised to be that i stick to each stage according to my intuition but atleast 30 days. My intuition told me today to not Rapidly move through the stages for quick results, but Absorb each stage even more for deeper results. So i was thinking of doubling the time for each stage. ie. Stick to ST1 for 60 totals days.

Does my plan sound like a good one, or will the effects not be so strong?

EDIT: BY ST1 i mean KHAN


You should always listen your intuition. For ST1 i felt i should move on earlier than my target. I didnt but i think if you think you should listen more or less then go for whatever your mind tells you to do. Everyone is different


There is no reason why the effects wouldn’t be as strong as when you would listen to it for only 30 days. I would even think that running a stage for longer will give better results since you subconcious is exposed for a longer time to a stage. If you gut feeling tells you to do it, then do it. Stage 1 will be definitley worth it if you know you have a lot of cleaning to do.


@rising @afc22 so, if I expose myself to longer time of each stage, it will become more easily absorbable right? That would mean more major programs in my stack will also be perceived by sub at normal rate right?

I don’t know if i could frame my question properly


I assume the longer(in days) you are listening to a sub the stronger the effects should be


Yeah theoreticaly a sub should feel easier at day 60 than day 25. However this is not always the case since the impact a sub on you has not always linear is. If you think you need extra time on st1 then do it. Contrary to st2 and st3, st1 isn’t in st4, so it isn’t a bad idea to give st1 a bit more time than the other 2 stages… Just don’t get to fixated on healing, someimtes people fall into this trap.


I think the advice to tune into your intuition is the best.

You can also think about this in terms of how this process is actually working. The subliminals are affecting the contents, the perceptions and messages, that are in your deep mind. If your mind is a tree, then what we’re working with here are the roots. When the roots of a tree are strong and healthy, you’ll see a healthy, vibrant tone to the bark, branches, and leaves. And best of all, you’ll see healthy fruit.

If our deep mind is the roots, then the bark, branches and leaves are like the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in our conscious awarenesss. And the fruits? Those are our actions and our behaviors.

So, if you want to know if the sub is having its effect, you can directly check and observe. What kinds of thoughts, ideas, perceptions are you typically having in connection to the focus of the sub? And the best test of all: behavior. Take some action and see how it feels and how well it works. Does it feel solid? Does it feel right? If not, then feed the roots some more; either now, or you can come back to it in the future.

It can take a little while, I think, for the health of the roots to reach up to the fruits, so I’m not saying that you have to wait until everything’s perfect to move to the next stage. (Not that I’d even know that, anyway. I’m pretty new to this.) But I am saying that I don’t think it’s all just feeling around in the dark. I think there are some things we can observe to get clues.