Will quantum Limitless Help me?


I have an Exam in 72 hours. I am 0% prepared and panicking so much that i can’t even study for this one. CAN QL pull me out of this one?


Well QL will stop your anxiety and stress first. It takes time for the other parts like focus etc but it is my personnal experience


Which stage do tou reccomend me to use?


Having tried both ST3 and ST4, I would say ST4. Its smooth and it had immediate effects. Add in bl as well. 2 times of it will be good. It will give you the learner mindset and also will make you hungry for all the concepts.


Yep stage 4 is perfect when you have deadline to beat etc


Every sub can provide smaller results. I read many times people having different attitude with subs even after 24 hrs but i doubt a sub can show its potential within such a short amount of time


Hi guys! Thanks for the update! I’m gonna use Khan ST4 and limitless V2 instead


First off good luck on that exam :muscle:but also can you give a update when you use khan st4 and let us know if it makes you horny and what exactly does it do for you when it comes to sexual energy ? I know I read somewhere by someone who was on st4 they said how it made them want to hump the sofa badly if I remember correctly


Why don’t you want to use QL?


99 dollars short . @King


Maybe there will be a Black Friday discount :slight_smile:


Thanks for the thought bro, but not really looking for a discount. Just saving up.
Spent money on limitless just a month back. Gonna use it for atleast three months then move to QL


Oh well, If not, then not. Another year another chance, isn’t it?


QL will help you my friend.