Will Quantum Limitless Help me pass CPA exam n 6 months?


Will ql help Mee pass CPA accounting exam in 6 months?


i dont know how hard it is but @friday did something difficult using khan st4 which was exam related. I would assume quantum should


The real question is: Will Quantum Limitless be released within 6 months? :wink:


I think It will


I think limitless could help you do that as it is already. QL will also be a 4 stage product i think. I am hoping Beyond Quantum Limitless releases at the same time.


Until now I didnt even know that a BQL was on the schedule in the first place lol


The supercharger will be a part of the whole product from what I have read.


For me Khan st4 has been doing the job. I swapped limiitless with st,4


@mecharc - imagine QL+ Khan ST4. Khan Limitless


@raphael Khan tuam Limitless!!


@mecharc - LOL yes


Mecharc QL will allow you to prepare for the CPA exam and be in a better position to pass it. Join the QL journey you will not regret it :slight_smile: