Will iron thorne be released again shortly for the holidays?


I was just wondering if you guys plan to release iron throne for Thanksgiving, black friday or xmas ? I know myself and lots of others would be willing to do anything for this subliminal :pray:


And I am sure the price change(if it happens) wont stop us from getting our hands on it.


We’ll take it under consideration. :wink: If we do re-release it, and that’s a big IF – there will be no price change unless we create a masked version. Remember our pricing model – no price increases unless there’s added value.


As long as your willing to consider it :hugs:


Had read lot about this .
May be I am also in for this .


We need @blackadder here ASAP :laughing:


How so, re-release? Where has it gone?


It came with the pre-order of primal seduction. Then It was released on demand for a limited time in september but some of us missed it




Tbh I am feeling a strong 9 on saint going through with this and giving IT to us. Also the angels told me my intuition is on point today as I am seeing 1111 as I right this.


What was so good about this subliminal or supercharger?


Well @AMASH said this was the best sub from subclub he’d used.

And thats enough to prove it’s greatness I believe.


Was it August or September? I know i joined the sub like a month after it was released for that little time so i missed it


My brain(which is on QL right now) says september.
Although I am not sure.


He said the same for khan


They released it shortly in august if i remeber correctly


A masked version will be very nice.:handshake::handshake::handshake:


@SaintSovereign please include the masked version if time permits. I am happy to pay top dollars for this.


i think khan st3 is much stronger than iron throne. I have used both fwiw


St3 is no programming just pure action like iron thorne ?