Will have severe Business Responsibilities from OCT 2020 can


I have a 10 month period for complete transformation to CEO responsibility. Edit: I will not be the CEO but will be given the opportunity to prove myself.

I’m currently doing Khan Day 17 of ST2 as my major program.
I’m experimenting with
*Mogul: Entrepreneur Mindset
*PCC: resist manipulation, and be able to read employee
*GLM: boost discipline
*Sanguine: Confidence
*True Social

I want to buy commandant for sure.

I am fancying buying QL and EOG after the Khan journey.
I would had have purchased them already if I was not tied for funds.

Since I have about 10 months to be ready for my goal : Business mindset and Status.

Someone please guide me to follow a sensible path in term of timeline of stacking. Ie. Stack what I currently have/ buy the 2 programs in question.
I have ample time to be ready, and I want to follow a steady plan.

Please help me develop a plan :pray:


Congratulations! Not everybody gets to be CEO so easily, and at such a young age too.

You’re in fact a step ahead of many others in terms of reaching their goals of business success.


Sorry, I wrote it wrong out if excitement. I will not become CEO. But will be given the opportunity to prove myself.


Stack Mogul with Khan then do EoG and Ascended Mogul (or Emperor)


Do you think I should consider Ql too? I have read that it has sped the other subs. @Neurokinetic


You can if you like. It doesn’t fit much with your goals of status and wealth. You could roll the dice and maybe adding QL will speed things up but there’s also the chance that adding another huge program could slow things down, at least for the first little while.


The business I am in, is a manufacturing business. So it requires innovation, quick thinking etc. So I was thinking i QL would help


Are you spending as much time on the actual business learning and planning as you are on planning the subliminals? This question is a challenge, yes. But it’s a tentative challenge. I have no idea how you spend your time. So, I actually don’t know the answer to the question. Don’t even take my question too seriously.

I say this: approach mastering your subliminal journey with the same solidity and discernment that you hope to apply to mastering the business. Look at the factors, honestly and unflinchingly. Think about where you want to go. Create your plan, solid yet agile. Then move through it dignifiedly. You’ve got this, bro. Remember that.

The simple fact is that ALL of the subliminal programs here are great. You’d be hard-pressed to find one that will not impress you. On the other hand, you are young, and you have enough time to go through all of them.

But look also to your real-world projects. I’d recommend that you take up some form of meditation practice. Maybe zen. The point of zen is to establish you at a Zero Point. A point of equanimity and wide-open readiness. A point of non-resistance. It sets up your stoic sanctuary. From there you can navigate the inevitable ups and downs without freaking out (as much as you might otherwise have).

But it doesn’t have to be zen. It could be hiking or mountain biking, which are awesome meditative techniques when approached in the right frame of mind. Or it could be something else that fits you even better. But the purpose of it? To harmonize that connection and facilitate synchrony between your subconscious and conscious lives.

Make sure that you don’t let fear drive your use of subliminals. Fear is tricky. It hides sometimes. You’ll be aware of a sense of desperate relief or jittery excitement, but if you look behind the curtain, you may see that the relief came from an allayed fear and the excitement came from the perception of escaping a feared outcome. There’s nothing wrong with any of that. But it’s important to look into it from time to time.

You’ve got this.


[Part 1]

What products in the SC catalog even seem like they’re made for CEOs?
Main: Gold.
Optionals: PCC, QL.

For all your other Lifestyle Goals: Khan

So in that sense, there is not much to answer.

Stack Modules & Superchargers are used as necessary.
They are neither to be planned, nor required to be permanently stacked.


If it’s that much of a concern then you could stack Emperor. It has the full Limitless script + status and wealth and v4 will probably have QL scripting. Doing the full QL program seems like overkill


admonitory advice aside, I’m really happy for you and excited about the journey ahead of you.

good stuff, man!



After a couple months of Khan Stage 4, there is no benefit in going back to AM.
Better to stack K4 with G1, and grow into G4 over time.

I get where you’re coming from. I’m waiting for Ev4 for the same reason.
What if I don’t need the whole QL program for my goals?

Yet, Emperor has too many other things in it. Limitless or QL can only help, they’re unlikely to conflict with Khan or Gold. Emperor … I can’t recommend.
I don’t remember anyone complaining of Reconciliation over Limitless; Emperor however has been hard for most to tame.


Well,at least you have the opportunity. Many people don’t.
Subliminals will only help you to an extent-much of it is up to you.


[Part 2]

Remember this…
You’re doing it again.

There is no generic CEO traits list. Every leader has their strengths & style of working.

Who are WE to tell you how to run your company!
What do we know about running a manufacturing firm?
We don’t know its history, its revenue, its industry, your people, technologies … NOTHING.
We don’t know your personal managerial strengths, what your team brings to the table, what the board’s goals are, what the needs of the business going forward.

And if we know nothing, why would we be able to make a decent PLAN. :sweat_smile:

Now, listen carefully…

Subliminals are the least … LEAST … important part of your plan.

What you need, is to sit down with your Dad to create the ACTUAL plan - the real Timeline.

Technical term = Succession Planning.

What you need to learn. Who you need to meet. What jobs in the company do you have to work in.
What is going to be the stages of your progression inside the business.
What NEW skills & know-how will you need to master at EACH stage.
Who is going to mentor you at EACH stage.
How & Who will make the decisions of these promotions.
When will you be ready to be introduced to the biggest suppliers & clients.
Etc. Etc.

Then, there will be REAL business education.
We’re talking Peter Drucker, Eliyahu Goldratt, and who knows how many.

YOU will choose your subliminals according to your NEXT real Goals, and where you feel you need help in reaching them.

Need to work in a blue collar role lifting heavy shit - Spartan.
Khan-Stage-1 doesn’t fix your low self-esteem - Regeneration.
Need to learn everything from finance to marketing to engineering - Quantum Limitless.
Need to raise capital from Banks - PCC, IC, EoG.
Got to start a new manufacturing unit in another country, with a different language - Khan, QL.
Company is implementing an ERP …
You get the drift.

It is the GOALS that are important, where your FOCUS needs to be, NOT on subliminals.
You will do your own experimentation, not ask random people on a forum.
You already know that 3-10 days on a sub is sufficient to get a handle on how it affects you.

If you’re going to be CEO, you will make your own decisions.
Even if 70% of them turn out to be incorrect the first time.

[Rant over] :rofl:


I wouldn’t be at all shocked to find that Khan and EoG each have Limitless scripting in them


Thank you all for the suggestions. You all know about my goals. I will tell you what my problem is.

When it comes to work or anything at all, I am very hard working. However, I am not very dynamic. My on the fly thinking is poor too. In many cases, I don’t know where to start. But if someone shows be the way, I will go through any obstacles to get there. That is what I want to change. I want to push myself to find my own way. @Simon


They do. Limitless v2. Same as Emperor v3. :+1:


This sounds something that must work!! However, I’m not exactly sure how to do so


My goodness. I just realized this. You are right. I should just relax and look for the next day to take action.

I have stated my main goals like a broken record. But one thing that is holding me back, is that either I can’t find out the way myself. Or, this is just a limiting belief that is holding me back.


No because stage 4 of Khan already has the advanced limitless modules in it.