Will EFT or PSTEC disrupt results?


I know with a competitor users had issues with these two tools.

Wanted to ask if they’re suitable for use here


Looking at The Alchemist, if you run that you’ll find practices that benefit you. So that would include adding in EFT and/or PSTEC if those will be of use or support to your goals. If the competitor’s products worked for you, I’m not sure you’d be here in the first place. :smiley: But if you did use EFT and PSTEC while using the previous products maybe they would be more effective. If you need somebody to tell you what to do, then I’d advise you to get in touch with your own inner knowingness. That might be The Alchemist or any of the Masculine offerings which involve being a man which means making your own decisions instead of being told what to do. Just my opinions here.


I don’t understand how it would do that unless you believe that it will do that. Then maybe your mind will take that belief you have and manifest it to come about. I dunno. Tried those techniques before but never really noticed anything not to discredit it in any way. They only way is to try it with the belief that you can only benefit from doing so.


I misread the OP. I think that’s what Limit Destroyer and Rebirth are designed to do. Remove those beliefs or reframe them into things that support your goals. I’d say give it a shot, if it’s making you feel bad and holding you back from having being and doing those positive things you’re after then take them out with EFT if that works for you. I think the way Subliminal Club builds their products it should allow for you to take out those beliefs with EFT or PSTEC or hypnosis etc. because they’re about helping you fulfill your goals for using the subliminals, that’s my understanding anyway.


@RepaintProgram - in my knowledge, modalities like EFT, hypnosis, etc are all fine as long as it is not the same tool like a subliminal from other sources. This is because SubClub doesn’t know what is in the other subliminals and both sets of subliminals from different sources MAY clash. Other than that, you can use any other tool you want along with SubClub subs.


I say whatever works!

Personally I spent a lot of time with both EFT and PSTEC. Didn’t really do anything for me, seemed I was just wasting time.

Sedona method, and a couple NLP techniques work great for me when I need to release. (However even these couldn’t release me out of the unproductive hole that was EoG ST1 & ST2).

Different folks different strokes I guess.


Reading this thread a thought came to my mind. How do we decide what “negative” emotions are meant to be eliminated by those technics and what others are meant to be lived through, in order to come to a deeper understanding of ourselves. Sometimes these understandings could be hidding at the end of a chain of “negative” emotions. If we dont explore them we might be missing out on something really important.

Sometimes we rush out of feeling bad and rush into the idea of feeling good most/all of the time, thats seems to be more detrimental to the proccess than any set of particular technics we can use.

Theres a different energy in ourselves when we try to escape a feeling that we dont like, than the energy we hold when we genuinely want to explore inside our beings and discover whats there.


“Let what comes come. Let what goes go. Find out what remains.” Ramana Maharshi

“Thoughts come and go. Feelings come and go. Find out what it is that remains.” Ramana Maharshi


The simplest thing falls under many different names but it’s just whenever “negative” feeling arises don’t do anything with it. Simply watch it, observe it and that’s it. It will change, dissolve, transform etc.

I can’t remember the one I’m trying to think of but it’s Eufeeling technique. Or insight meditation. Or vipassana. Similiar to diving in which is a sedona method technique where you just dive into the core of the negative feeling and see what’s there which is the nothingness which is actually the everything, an ocean of joy or love etc. or even pure awareness the field of infinite possibility etc. Ok now I remember! It’s called TIPI

When you feel an unpleasant emotion (stress for example)
Make sure you are in a “safe” place and that you won’t have to deal with anything or anyone.Pay attention to the physical sensations present in your body, let them evolve, without doing anything, without taking control, just stay a conscious observer of your physical sensations until you feel calm.

This process will last 2 or 3 minutes at most, but usually it will last 30 seconds. After that, the emotion you started your session with will be resolved, permanently. It will just not be a part of your life anymore.