Why is mogul making my body pain?


Hey peeps
I just run mogul Q this morning once and my body is paining…I’m it sure if it’s such related…when I ran ascension Q I need had those pains…
Can some members shed some light on this topic…
I have been running ascension q all this time…and regeneration both Q.


What kind of pain are you experiencing?


Muscle pain especially calve muscles and feet…


If it’s the sub, it’s most likely because reconciliation is causing tension within your body that you’re not aware of. For example, reconciliation causes my teeth to hurt because I clench my teeth without even realizing it. Cut back on loops, try giving yourself a rest day. And of course, if it doesn’t subside, go see a licensed medical professional.


Aaah thanks saint


Don’t know exactly what kind of pain, but keep yourself hydrated. Running subs often causes the brain to work harder, which makes the body need more water. One of the signs of beginning dehydration is muscle cramps, often in the legs.


It’s like a dull pain in the calves


After I took a rest day yesterday I did it run any substance…the body pain went away…