Why is ascended mogul making me feel weak?


I listened to primal for over 2 weeks, 15 hours a day. It helped me grow immensely. Forced me to challenge myself by putting myself in fearful situations.

Then right after, I put on Ascended mogul… (about 4 hours and still listening)
the coolness I felt from primal completely gone, i feel like a little bitch, literally.
Im scared to raise my voice. Literally. On primal… I was smoking people on voice chat, ready to smash people. BEING SUPER DOMINANT. PUTTING PEOPLE IN THEIR PLACE.



Like… listen… i know about reconcilaition and breakdown… but why is ascended making me feel like this when Primal was the other way around?


I would guess it’s because of the Rebirth module that’s releasing and surfacing a lot of the inner garbage you didn’t know you had.


Yepp, this should be the reason


It sounds like you may have been having two different reactions to underlying issues that made you feel less than dominant. From what you were saying, Primal may have had you overcompensating and acting aggressively rather than with a deep sense of dominance. Really dominant people rarely raise their voices. They don’t have to.
It sounds like AM is bringing you to actually deal with the issues that have prevented you from being an alpha. That means that you are going to feel less dominant for a while, but should get a better result in the end.


@IcyDreaming RegenerationQ has done that to me. I need to figure out what I was listening to last Friday that I gave this guy some look that must have said " don’t fuck with me today " because he asked me if I was ok


Ascended Mogul always had a friendly vibe, in my experience.
Helping people, making friends, trying to contribute at home & office, enjoying hobbies, etc.

When someone starts their subs journey with AM, they feel great, because they’re coming from a world where they felt like a victim, to a world where they can contribute. AM user realizes his value, and how he can make a difference in his immediate reality.

But, when someone comes to AM after using a lone wolf title (like Primal or Emperor), … yeah, they will feel like “Why am I being so nice to all these people?”

That is not AM’s mechanism. On AM, your growth is more towards being a leader who is loved by all, and not an asshole you don’t want to fuck with. AM is a very good team player.

If you prefer the mechanism of “challenging myself into fearful situations”, use Ascension or Emperor. These two are solo players; Emperor, extremely so.


Hmm…that is not a bad thing, but reading it makes me glad that I did not start with Ascended Mogul. I am already like that most of the time. I do already enjoy my hobbies. I usually get positive reviews from the people who attend my groups. They say that they feel stimulated in a unique way.

When it comes to colleagues, I am not a jovial, gregarious team player who loves socializing. But I would probably be considered generally friendly and sincere, for the most part.

When you describe the contrast in this way, it makes me glad that I started from Emperor rather than Ascended Mogul. What I’ve observed is that there’s a sharp contrast between my intellectual style and my interpersonal orientation.

Intellectually, I’m fiercely independent and when engaged with areas that are of genuine interest and commitment, I do not feel the need for much input or guidance from anyone else. Deep collaboration on topics of real interest would be an area that needs growth for me. I would need a higher level of trust (in others) and assertiveness (of myself) to do better in that area.

Interpersonally, in contrast, I have a friendly (if internally distant) persona. It’s probably about damage control. I genuinely want people to do well, and I feel very good when people do well. But I also find it very important to limit their access to my personal space.

Seems to me like I may have needed Emperor more than I needed Mogul/Ascended Mogul. Not sure.


That made so much sense.
Thank you Simon.


All in all… lone wolf titles like Primal and Emperor are extremely stressful. Because they supercharge your ego to attack the world, and if you don’t… your ego will scream at you, calling you a bitch.

AM is pretty chill… I like it.

I am not complaining though. Because you need the stress to push you towards growth.


@IcyDreaming, if you’re still on this path, I’d recommend stacking Primal and AM together…1-2 loops of each alternating…to see how they synergize for you.