Why do wake up in the morning and start laughing?

I am listening to my new custom for last 3 days and i did rebirth for a week. When i wake up in the morning i laugh and smile. I was walking down the road and i thought of something that had happened in the past then suddenly i burst out laughing.


If I’m not mistaken Rebirth is about reframing. Reframing can make something that was previously very serious look silly in hindsight. There may also be a little bit of the happy-code in Ultiimas (and your custom) that I believe showed up first in EmperorQ.

Either way in my experience laughing doesn’t have any downsides, unless it’s the 30-minute long uncontrollable laughing fit I experienced a few weeks ago. My muscles ached after that one. And I didn’t even know what was so funny.


@honeymonster, had very similar experiences when I tried Rebirth Ultima. Sudden bursts of euphoria and laughing at everyone and everything after only one loop.

What’s your new Custom composed of?


I feel the same in regeneration and rebirth …i have no idea why but it feels good



StarkQ Core
Sex & Seduction Q Core

Together with a bunch of aura modules which i forgot will copy and paste them later.


Sometimes i just laugh at stupid things at random times during the day. I joke alot with people despite my jokes being dumb people laugh at them.

A few days ago i did an overnight session with rebirth ultima and ran it at 8 loops.


Did you feel reborn when you woke up?

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Not sure what reborn is suppose to feel like. I just felt joy, silly, no worries, laid back.


Do u also feel like crying sometime…?i feel that also sometime it could be regeneration thats doing that…


@pacman no crying my friend only joy and peace


Joy and peace?

Are you perchance smoking a little somethin’ somethin’ in the morning? :wink:

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@honeymonster - that sounds like Rebirth Ultima is doing justice to the Phoenix shown on the sales page. You are reborn from the ashes:

@DarkPhilosopher never ever smoked before so its not that :slight_smile:

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You laughed in the morning because you finally understood the joke you heard after dinner the evening before. :slight_smile:


@honeymonster Are you still Blackadder? I’m looking for the sub which makes me forget who I am after I run it for a loop.

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Or maybe he just woke up and felt like P. Diddy? >.>

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Sleepsmoker. :slight_smile:

There is some elation code in Ultima itself. It was noticeable during the tests to see if Ultima worked. Should still be quite a bit of it in Sanguine. Don’t know how much in Rebirth.

But it could be some part of you realizes how silly some of your old beliefs were. That laughing fit I mentioned earlier happened because somebody next to me came to a mushroom-filled realization how silly and unimportant all the day to day concerns really were. She dragged me into it and once our energies aligned we were in it for a looong time.

Depends on your definition of “Blackadder”

He certainly isn’t who he was pre-Ultima.

I suppose the 22.2 Dolby Atmos version of Ultima would qualify. Makes ya dizzy after a few minutes.

Then again, it may make you also forget who everybody else is after a single loop.

You were able to sleep through this?..

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Able to see the adjustment in your interactions. How are you doing on Stark, Sex & Seduction, no more Emperor? What happened!

By the way Rebirth is great if the gab between you and the Title that you’re running is so big that you get a lot of reconciliation. With Rebirth you’re constantly re-framing the beliefs you have about your self, resulting in a steady and comfortable transition in the new you.

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It is interesting to see myself seemingly manifest my community in a more abstract sense. Up until recently I heard basically zero discussion about RebirthU. I purchased RebirthU two days ago and now I see new posts such as this one talking about RebirthU. It is cool to see that type of manifestation occur.

In addition, RebirthU itself is crazy.

@honeymonster what is your listening schedule for Rebirth? So far I have been doing it once every other day (rest day from custom).

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