Who wants to bring back Iron Throne?


For those who do not know. Iron Throne is an extremely stripped down and focused version of Primal Seduction. It is basically PS without the emotional and mental healing.

Iron Throne was shrouded in secrecy and then was popularized and brought to everyones attention by members like AMASH, who spoke highly of the power of the throne. This lead to many members requesting the rerelease of the throne to the public.

SC listened and rereleased the throne to the public for a limited time. Now once again customers are asking SC whether it would be possible to release a masked as well as the ultrasonics version to the public.

How many of you would purchase iron throne if it was released again ?. If SC were to release a masked version how many of you would buy this ?.


If you insist on doing this, don’t forget the essential question: and at what price?


Primal Seduction: Iron Throne - New Dawn, Masked. :+1:


I am in to experience this


Missed it when it was out cuz I was a bit busy. Was disappointed to know that it was out of the store. I would love it if they add it back for sometime again.


There’s no need for a masked version…lol
Ultrasonic is fine plus you play it anytime anywhere


Guys I can see all of you are making good decisions on wanting the throne back coz your smart. We should all push for masked as well as ultras. Ask yourself one question "Do you want to eat pizza whilst watching netflix on a friday night by yourself ?. Or do you want to make love to a hottie then share a pizza with her and then you both settle down to watching netflix together on the sofa. The choice is yours friend !.


@rajeshwer smart move my friend :smile:


Are you starting a revolution without me here?

PS: Btw I am not sure but arent there some subliminals that have IT incorporated?

PSS: Viva la revolution!


I’m too much of a pussy to use ultrasonics, would die for a masked version


@ExploringAstronaut please join the revolution and be part of something great my friend :slight_smile:


I already have Iron Throne, havent tried it out yet but since it seems like people had very good results I think why not? It would be great


I’d be happy to buy any iron throne right now!


Why would I order a pizza when I’ve already warmed up the sandwich maker?


I prefer she brings warm homemade food with her, so two tasty things enter my door at once :smiley:


One dating subliminal to rule them all !!

“Iron Throne”


Actually Simon Pizza was part of my staple diet but not anymore as I am back at the gym :slight_smile: Now I end friday evening with a protein shake :slight_smile: