Who has done healing?


Who has done lots of healing before moving to the alpha or sexual subs?

Explain how the healing has assisted you and how long did you heal for?

I assume everyone who gets extremely good results has done healing subs solo for about a year or so.


Or they stuck to one subliminal. Unicorns, they are.


I haven’t run a healing sub for a year as of yet but that is what I am currently doing with Dragon Reborn. I have tried running other " alpha " titles either prior or with it and I have come to discover that I need to do the deep inner work before I can move on or progress further.


What gave u that clue that you need inner work?


Although I did not specifically run titles for healing for prolonged time (apart from my initial run of khan 1 and 2), I think the healing scripts in StarkQ core, Emperor HOM Q, Quantum Limitless Q, has healed alot in me.

How i say this is,

When i first came here, my focus was to become more confident, have more inner power etc.

Now my focus is to get external stuff done!

however, it is not to say that i am completely healed. There are many things that still bother me. But yea, compared to 463 days before, the difference in me is drastic!


That I kept making the same mistakes although I consciously tried not to. That my reactions to various situations especially adversity weren’t exactly rational , mature, or helpful. Outside of that I could never understand how I struggled with normal adult functions and activities when people around me or in employment situations who outwardly seemed way more fucked up than myself had no obvious difficulty.
First it made me question my intelligence. Why isn’t shit clicking quicker? Because I grew up constantly having my intelligence questioned I don’t know if I allowed that to somehow manifest into a massive subconscious block. That’s why after my journey with Dragon Reborn is complete I’m still heavily leaning towards running Quantum Limitless for a year.


That I have this weird burning desire to understand high level mathematics and I want to eliminate anything standing in the way of that