Which titles also contain a version of Primal Seduction within them?

I know Stark is supposed to contain Primal Seduction Iron Throne, but what about Emperor or Khan or possibly other titles? Do these also contain a version of Primal Seduction?


Khan does. Emperor doesn’t.


emperor doesn’t contain PS, but it should have something for attracting girls, right? i don’t remember

Khan has PS in it from what I understand. It also has elements of iron throne.

Emperor does have a module to attract women it has a romance and dating module.


by the way, how powerful is the seduction module of emperor? everyone talks about his ability to make you productive and alpha, but with girls? does it work well as a stark?

When running early version of emperor, it did makes me attractive, but lacked the touché of more social titles like primal, primal seduction, SS, etc.

You will get girls looking at you, you will be attractive and will manifest girls, but the social aspect was missing for me, vibing was a little bit harder.

Also, keep in mind that I was a different man back then, I’ve grew so much over the past year and a half, I’d probably have different results running it right now. Annnd my next custom is a custom. Emperor mixed with SS.