Which supercharger may help me beat procrastination?


Often I find myself putting off things for later.

I dont know why, but there is a feeling of lazines and/or fear, when ever I think of the activity, and I put it off till later.

The activity can be anything eg. Studying, going to the hospital , getting up from bed.

Is there any super charger that will help me fight this mindset, when it comes?


I don’t have an answer for a specific supercharger since the only ones I’ve really used are True Social and Libertine.

My question is if you can take the action to put on a supercharger, why not take the action to do something small that’s related to your goal?

For example, if I’m in a habit of meditating for 20 minutes a night and one particular I really don’t feel like doing that, I’ll tell myself, “Okay I’ll just start off and do 5 minutes.” which seems more manageable. Usually, once I do those 5 minutes, I’ll end up doing the whole 20 minutes.

Or, if you’re in school and you have to write a paper, just start doing the cover page, formatting, and maybe start working on the intro too. Once you get in the flow it’s easy. Doing the work is often a lot easier than starting to do the work.

Doing intermittent fasting has does wonders for my motivation levels and mental clarity. Keto was phenomenal as well for those, maybe even better than IF, but I don’t really do keto that much anymore. When I first combined these two a couple years ago, I was the most productive and motivated I’ve ever been. Like I was procrastinating and unmotivated most of my life and didn’t know how to fix that, then I realized it was my lifestyle.

Also, I would definitely stop porn right now. That shit is a motivation killer. Keto and IF were great but cutting out/reducing porn was probably even more important. It was awful for me and made me not wanna do shit. Now I’m completely off of that junk and although it isn’t a magic cure, it’s helped me a lot and I’m no longer regressing. Now I can work through my emotions, boredom, insecurities instead of running to porn to comfort me.


I worked alot on Khan St4 when I needed, but still had a “procastination problem” myself. Since running Quantum Limitless St2 this is pretty much gone. I enjoy my studies far more then those stupid YT videos I was watching. :open_mouth:

I would recommend to go through each stage and not just skip to St2 though


I remember one of those “stupid YT videos” ( :wink: ) talking about how it’s a cycle. Action leads to result leads to motivation leads to action. And you can start at any of those three. So if you don’t have motivation, doing anything, even if it is picking up something to throw it away, has the potential to start up that cycle. Being productive isn’t about doing stuff, it’s about getting the results you want. Unfortunately I don’t explain it as well, so…

I notice it happens over time if you stick to your subs. At some point you start becoming more active even if you don’t want to. Can take a while, and you need to NOT jump to new subs all the time, but it happens.

For studying, the main reason is usually that your goals are not clear or way too ambitious. Telling yourself to memorize 10 chapters by the end of the week will inevitably lead to you waiting until Sunday, then saying it’s impossible and declaring you’ll try again next week.

Instead, set a small and clear goal, like instead of memorizing you just have to read it in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. And maybe it’s only one chapter instead of 10. Maybe you only need to write one page instead of an entire thesis.

Also, set a goal for each day, small enough that you can do it on top of other things. That way you won’t be able to wait until the last day.

@HappyHero had an excellent recommendation for this one, the book Tiny Habits. Something that @i_am also does when he mentions meditating for only 5 minutes instead of 20 because it’s easier. It’s much better and easier to do something every day for 5 minutes than trying to do it for 20 minutes. It’ll be easier to turn those 5 into 6 into 20 over time, once you have the habit.

Same advice for going somewhere. Just take one step, then the next and follow your feet. Do something, anything, even if it is dusting something off, doing dishes or straightening a painting. Once you are mobile, staying that way is easier. It’s the advice often given to depressed people.

For getting up in the morning, you could go the Mel Robbins route. It’s the exact example she uses to tell how she “invented” her 5 second rule.

Another route that I use (when I have to) is more artificial. Make sure the alarm clock is out of range and that you have to be alert to turn it off. I have an Android app that presents me with three math questions before it will allow me to turn the alarm off. By the time I have gotten out of bed to reach the alarm, then while standing in the chilly morning air solved three math questions, I am usually annoyed enough that the world still doesn’t adapt to my schedule that I’ll stay up.

And if you have somebody in bed next to you that is annoyed that your alarm is so complicated, tell them to build the habit of waking you up instead. There is only one way of waking up that I can think of that is nicer than someone whispering in your ear how awesome you are between kisses, and that one is also performed orally. :slight_smile:

Oh, there’s no supercharger with telekinetic powers that can pick you up. They can motivate you, but usually your ability to de-motivate afterwards is stronger in the Ways of the Force. Maybe we could create an ice-bucket challenge supercharger, that’ll wake you up!

EDIT: Or get a cat:


Honestly, before anyone could recommend anything to help you powerfully, there is a bit of inner “digging” necessary.

Your subconscious is on your side. it wants what is best for you.

And when you procrastinate, it’s not a “negative” to your subconscious, but it is the right choice, the correct behavior, the safe option in that situation.

So, before I could recommend anything, could you take some time and think about this:

  • What is the deep reason why I procrastinate? What secondary benefits do I get from procrastinating?

Or even more powerful:

  • Why do I want to sabotage myself?

The answer often will surprise you. And that’s the root cause. That’s how whatever recommendation we give you will work. Rather than fixing the symptom which feels good for a week or two, but then you fall back to square 1.


Secondary to this, I drew a mindmap in my mind of how I ended up procrastinating or to put it better which previous events lead to me watching funny cat videos :wink:

What I found was that always when I came back from college or after a big meal or junk food, I was tired, which led to me laying down in my bed which led to watching YT. After 1 hour, I started working, and when I got tired again I rested by laying down again and watching videos. After a while, I felt bad for not studying/working which led to frustration which led to sometimes watching porn, which led to eating more sweets, being more tired and watching more YT videos…

I really recommend writing the whole procrastination process down because then you can determine how to prevent the whole cycle the most. For me it was, eating healthier so I am less tired and not laying down in my bed with my computer/phone.


Very wise words @friday

I love you man :slight_smile: