Which Subs have masked and/or experimental version?


I’ve got Emperor and know it has both. I am especially interested in which of the other subs have a masked version.


Only Emperor, maybe? I know I prefer masked, though I use the silent subs at work.


Emperor, Sex & Seduction. In the future, all products will come with masked.


when can we expect the masked version for ascension and mogul ?


Probably not for a few months


thanks , i would like to have them because i prefer the masked and my time using ultrasonic makes me not comfortable


Could you elaborate?


i felt pain in my ears first days and buzzing sound while doing my work after listening to emperor ultrasonic EX , so i decided to use the masked version , now the pain is gone and i feel good , and i think it may be problem with my laptop or phone speaker the two ways i listen to subliminal . or maybe i didn’t put the right volume