Which subliminal to listen to while studying?


I have not purchased any subliminals before but I am at a breaking point in university with my final projects.

Is there a subliminal I can listen to WHILE doing my school work that will allow my mind to work faster, with less fatigue, and more focus?

I’ve read around the forums and the shop copy but it seems like most subliminals are preparatory in nature, instead of what I need, which is immediate relief/results/influence.

Any thoughts?


You’ll probably get better results from our supercharger line, then. Superchargers are hybrid hypnosis / guided meditation + an embedded subliminal. You use them before studying, or going to class, etc. In this situation, I’d recommend Beyond Limitless.


Wow thank you for the surprisingly quick response.

I will look into Beyond Limitless and read more about it before I make any decisions.

Seriously, thank you again!