Which subliminal has given you the best sleep?


I’ve noticed I get great sleep from EmperorV4.

I’m curious to see what you guys have seen in terms of the best sleep subliminals. Are there other subs that have Rich, Deep Sleep embedded in it?


Regeneration. And PS too, I believe


Regeneration and EV4 are good for me. With EV4 though I have to listen off my iPhone speaker. If use any Bluetooth device for overnight listening then it could wire me up sometimes


@Davisnwc - You listen with iPhone speakers for masked or ultrasonic? If masked that would be helpful for me while I wait to order one of those sleep headband headphones.


Been using one of those. Have mixed feelings about it. It works but I don’t really like having the Bluetooth receiver next to my head. Think I may switch to a pair of wired headphones with a long extension cord.


Definitely Emperor. Although I don’t listen while sleeping and take a break from subliminal’s every other three days.


Ever thought about investing in emf protection?


I use the phone for either format. I still get results


I was listening to Emperor as I was originally replying to this thread. Couple minutes later I fell asleep for like 2 hours. Listening to Emperor right now so I can hopefully go to sleep again at my regular time.


Primal Seduction
Khan, Stage 4

Not all of them contain the sleep module, but facilitate it by health focus, emotions work, destressing, general happiness promotion, etc.

It can also matter whether you’re using the Ultrasonic or the Masked file.
And when…
Some sleep better with the masked sound running in the background.
Some need to stop all subs few hours before going to the bed because subs energize them too much.

None of the subs lead to great sleep, every night, for all users. The effects are subjective.


Best sleep came when I stopped listening at night. If I don’t get my daily dose of Alchemist, I will also listen to that at night.

I wouldn’t say that Alchemist brings sleep improvements directly, but I had other subs, which let me sleep worse.

After starting Alchemist I began installing a healthy sleeping pattern. Which I did with the knowledge I learned from sleep hygiene. Having a habit of going to bed at the same time and standing up in the morning at the same time - that is was worked best for me.