Which subliminal focuses on sense of humor and wit?


So i am considering dare devil and true social to be more free and funny in social situations.
but is there one that is specificaly for improving sense of humor?
also which modules in the Q store are specifically for this?


Not specifically, you can and should guide consciously the growth :wink:

Stark is good but I would guess daredevil would be better. After that I would watch humour show or something to shape your mind!


I’m tempted to think you could run LimitlessQ whilst reading books on humour. One book I have heard talks about humour (but not read yet) is “The Act of Creation” by Arthur Koestler. It’s quite a large book.

If you can find a book or videos specifically about HOW to be funnier, I’d check that out.


Nothing better than Stark. When I was playing it I even laughed at myself since the ways I made people laugh were just… I don’t know… a bit crazy but without crossing the line. On top of that Stark has much more to offer as you can read at the sales page. I’ve never checked Daredevil though.


Adding to the other excellent answers…

Look for modules that help you know what you need to learn, help you learn, and guide you to mentors who can teach you.

IQ modules would help with wit and humor. So would confidence modules. And I believe there’s a module or two focusing on creativity.


I see in the blu page it says it increase verbal fluency and also confidence alpha scripting.
so this in combination with daredevil would be perfect no?


yes…I used it …it gave me what it promised…verbal fluency…quick wit…etc…also if you are going to build a custom to develop wit and charisma …dragon tongue and power can corrupt might help…FYI…I mentioned multiple …QLQ improved my social intelligence and bantering skill…if that is the areas you are interested in …you might as look into it…to sum up…I believe all those intelligence related subs could help with your goal…cuz wit and humor are signs of high intelligence…


StarkQ does this job everytime for me and StarkQ ultima is does this instantly , even if my humour is baseless and senseless , StarkQ somehow makes people around me enjoy all this , amd yes I do start laughing more .


Daredevil and true social are the best options.


can somebody say the difference between StarkQ to DaredevilQ or Truesocial only in the social,charisma,humor part? which one make you shine and be authentic more?


I think Daredevil is a better start because it’s more focused on that. If rest of Stark appeals to you run that.

Or you can start with Daredevil and add Stark later.

Adding QL/Limitless and reading books sounds like a cool idea too :D. If you want to go the extra mile. Watch stand up comedians perform then and you may find yourself easily being able to learn what is going on behind the scenes, esp with QL.

Edit: @Rusty1 Daredevil is focused on this, Stark includes more, True Social is a supercharger which adds to this so you can mix it with your stack to get those effects which are very similar to Daredevil from what I understand (although I have not ran daredevil myself personally ever as a single title)


There is also Dragon Tongue and Torchbearer.